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Jax  Ker splat.

Probably coulda killed 2 birds w/ 1 stone but happy birthday to the one and only Trackhawk10 and not Oestzilla anymore!! And cheers to mountains and shreddin' #gnar #pow #snow

Now that all the hype has died down and no one cares that they're married anymore I'll post a congrats pic for @ Brandon and @ haras. Congrats guys - you're welcome for being in ur wedding. And hbd @ Brandon <3 #onelove #love #wedding #siq #birthday πŸ“·: @cambriashelley

neato torpedo 😎

Sicklin' w/ @calebrouw
Maddie took da pic

Wearing my t shirt in the woods bc I'm doing sweet tricks and i want everyone to think that I have my coat off bc I was snowboarding so hard that I was sweating but in reality I just took my coat off for this photo you can see it hanging in the background actually but I really was kinda hot πŸ“·: @_northwoods #keystone

Boo thang


Upgraded from the 70 #truelifeimdatingafrog


Photer-graphin' w/ @madrouw

Motor sickle lyfe
Maddie took da pic

Hiking at Red Rock β›°β›°
πŸ“·: @oestzilla

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