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Kirsten Tan  POP AYE :: Filmmaker :: New York :: Singapore

my destiny to work with animals. please hit your mark, mr. sheep. πŸ‘πŸπŸ‘πŸ

wandering off the edge of the world @pepeadp have fun and see u soon!

Location scouting with @pepeadp on the most western coast of the European continent!

Post-film activity - shucking oysters with screwdriver. #workout

After a long challenging plane ride from NYC's JFK with many delays due to multiple airport system failure (one wonders why that is happening), I've finally landed in Rotterdam and was led to this beautiful room! The bed is sweetly calling out to me but I shall resist. European premiere in an hour! #woohooo #popaye #rotterdam #IFFR

on the day before x'mas , I can finally say POP AYE mission completed! post production done.
thanks for taking care of us for one full year thailand. en route back to singapore to spend the new year with friends and family.
have a happy holiday everyone. may we have a better brighter year ahead than 2016. c'mon 2017! ✨


one of the toughest things is having to say goodbye to the ones you grew up with, the ones who don't get to live as long as you. my dog couldn't get up anymore but he snuck his snout close to the cage when he saw me. he looked so confused by the heart machine beeping beside him and all I could say on repeat is don't be scared, it's all gonnabe ok.
goodbye brandy. love and see you soon.

spotted on the internet ...

Pathway to Domestic Goddesshood #2
Stared into the face of an ntuc fairprice chicken - she was bald, her eyes were shut. Why do all chickens look alike? Then it hit me - thousands of chickens have perished for me and surely they must all be different.
Goodnight, sweet Fowl.
May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Pathway to Domestic Goddesshood #1
Fuck me. What to do when your winter melon is larger than your chopping board?

Glad to be with Mr. Lai at the @cine65sg event.

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