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A-M (Anne-Maree) 🏠  Cost efficient, high impact real estate All inclusive Staging, Styling & Selling Winner HIA Property Styling 2016, 2017 @capecodresidentialstyling

Sunrise walk through the gardens ... whilst keeping our eye out for muggers #swipeleft #melbourne #melbournecity

Good morning beautiful Melbourne 🙌

The velvet sofa obsession continues. Blush pink! 🙌 Via @luluandgeorgia #velvetsofa #blushpink

Glorious Melbourne! Our first break since we started back on January 1st. Because I work so hard and all 😜 #evensundays

Thanks for the photo @cindycvn ... our lads training at Nationals in Melbourne today. His best mate is doing the handstand in the background. My boy looks a bit sad 😞 He has had to drop so many skills due to his injuries and inability to train. His level is really tough. The prelude to Senior International. He texted me last night to say, ‘I’m just glad I got here’ (apparently the food in the athlete’s village is tops!). Now that he is level 9 he has to compete at this level until he is 17 ... so plenty more opportunities to add the skills back and achieve his goals. I am giving you PLENTY of warning ... there will be #gymnasticsspam here ....from Friday onwards. #sorrynotsorry 😘

One of the homes I sold early on in my real estate career is in this month’s Home Beautiful. I backed up a trailer of all this furniture (that Rococo sofa, coffee table and wing chairs have done the rounds over the years. I’m sure you recognize them!) and called up Home Beautiful to come take a look. Sad that I have lost those gorgeous Pom Pom cushions over the years. Where did they get to? My Real Estate Principal at the time would not even come to the see the home on the ‘stock run’ (when all the agents get in their cars and go and see all the agents’ listings). He was p&&&ed that I spent so much time on the presentation ... when I should have been on the phone getting more listings. I left that agency as soon as I sold the home .... so I COULD spend time on the presentation of my homes ... and NOT on the phone. 😜 Anyway, sold it under the hammer and got it into Home Beautiful! 👍

I so enjoy my Medical student son’s Instagram stories! He sees life through such different eyes! 🤓🤓🤓

Tuesday morning ‘black and gold happiness’ ... to thank you for your support. 😘

Dear anonymous with fake contact details, I’m replying here as you obviously follow me on Instagram and I wanted to let you know that I received your message. I am sorry that you are in so much pain that you have to resort to this behavior. I feel sad for you. I really do. I agree with you. I do do the most for my clients and I do work hard .... and yesterday (Sunday), at 10am and 11am, I WAS showing clients through homes .... so I was ‘bothered’ doing open homes on a Sunday. I truly am sorry for your pain. If it helps, you could unfollow me?
A-M xx #ididitgary

By hook or by crook I am going to work hard to achieve this balustrade on my new home! @thenexthousethatambuilt 🙌🙌🙌 Via @atlantahomesmag ok? @sanctuary28gc let’s do this! Love it? @invilladesigns xx #thenexthousethatambuilt

Early morning airport drop off as he got to Nationals ... without even competing at States! His regional scores qualified him to compete as an individual. Full of injuries but eager to play x box for a week in the athlete’s village 😜 He’s going to give every apparatus a go. There will be pain killers! #gymnasticsspam #queenslander #queenslandaaaaaah #goqueensland

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