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Debz  18/ NZ ⭐ Let what inspires you inspire others _ Brb. currently dying over here !

About a year ago I created this design for @abby_coop3r . She told me her story and I felt so I inspired... Anyway, yesterday she showed me her freshly inked tattoo and seriously, I just feel so honoured that she now wears my art on her skin β™₯ .
#cliqueart #tattoo

I died when I received this parcel today: artwork by the talented @auste_m that I'm excited to hang up on my walls! You should definitely check out their work-it's incredible! -
I am so grateful to everyone for being so kind and patient with me despite my lack of artwork. I don't know what i did to deserve this but I truly mean it when I say that I appreciate every single one of my followers β™₯ I hope to create again soon

Thank you so much for these wonderful prints Cassie! β™₯ I absolutely adore them! I think it's pretty cool how I received them today, which also happens to be my 18th birthday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
@cassiehw your art and talent never ceases to amaze me β™₯

When you're so determined to procrastinate, you'd rather face your art block than work on your uni assignments.. 😫
What's the highlight of your week so far? 😊 Mine was going to see the Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 premiere on Monday with my best friend β™₯ .

Hey all, thank you so muchhh again for all your support and for participating in my giveaway! Please don't be disappointed if you didn't win, but hopefully there will be another chance in the future for another giveaway ;) //
The randomly chosen winner is @its.mikaelajoy ! I will contact the winner via DM shortly. //
Anyway, I hope everyone has had a wonderful week β™₯ (eek I haven't drawn in so long but i forced myself to quickly scribble this aight) #cliqueart

I was so happy when these came in the mail from @anactressatheart ! She is just the sweetest human and even sent me a whole bunch of extra prints too 😭 Thank you SO MUCH Vanessa β™₯ I hope I can support your work as much as you support mine . X.

LONG CAPTION WARNING: Hey guys β™₯ I'm really sorry for my lack of art the past few weeks. I realise that's probably why most of you follow me, and I apologise for not delivering enough content for you. It's just that I've been busy with starting university, but mainly because I've been in an art block for such a long time Idk what to do. However, despite my lack of art uploaded in the last month (my 'recent' was actually drawn in January πŸ˜‚), you still somehow managed to get me to over 20k followers which is completely crazy... I can't even begin to express my gratitude for all the support I've received β™₯ to thank you, I will hold an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY where the winner may choose ANY 3 PRINTS of their choice! To enter, simply comment your FAVOURITE food below -ONE ENTRY per person please, or it will not be counted! Good luck :) .
Edit: Giveaway will end on April 20th , entries will not be counted after the date

I'm trying to sleep. but i can't ///
A Regional at Best Collaboration I could be a part of, along with many amazing artists (swipe left to see):
#cliqueart #gunsforhands #regionalatbest #collab

Sorry for spamming on my story but tonight was honestly one of the best nights of my life. 😭 Thanks @twentyonepilots and @safiamusic for being the best opening ever πŸ’• Also really happy I could meet @lauranathema before the show!

It's our hearts that make the beat/
Oh- I haven't arted for so long -my goodness (
Tyler and Josh are coming to New Zealand this week which means my concert is in 4 days!? Whuuttt 😭😱
#twentyonepilots #lyrics #cliqueart #pen #ink #hoty #doodle

Doodling eyes at the cafeteria since I got to uni 5 hours before class starts and I don't wanna do work πŸ‘ .
#would'vedrawntylerseyesbutihadnoreference #ballpoint #eye #drawing

*digs through drawers in search for an old drawing to post*
Idk what happened to his turned out a lot poofier than intended πŸ˜‚ .
#cliqueart #tylerjoseph #pencil #drawing #watercolor #doodle #sketch

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