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People will always do anything to turn others against you when they see you as a threat. They try and dim your light thinking it will make theirs shine brighter. I don't know the situation but if it's something serious you should tell an adult like a parent or a teacher - no that's not being a snitch trust me it will be for the best. Often people bully without even realising what they're doing is bullying and having someone step in and make them see how serious it is will help you. Don't pay attention to the people who don't like you because of the lies your friend fed them , if they're so gullible and blindly follow the words of another then it is not your loss to have sheep turn against you. Sheep because they follow the rest of the flock and they can't make choices and judgements on their own. Try and make friends with the good people who are quiet or often seen as the 'loosers', they are often really nice and don't feel a sense of entitlement like popular kids. Keep your guard up and don't share things which can come back to be turned against you. Best wishes ❤ 🌻 Link in bio to send me anything anonymously🌻

Ok so first of all what is it about the person you like? Sometimes we like a version of a person we create in our head which leads to disappointment because they don't exist . It sounds like a typical school girl crush and although I think it is a waste of time to pursue him because he will distract you from your education and he is not worth that- to tell if he likes you does he :
● laugh at your jokes?
● stare at you?
● treat you any differently then he treats others?

If he doesn't display these signs and you don't think he is interested in you it's a bit of a gamble to tell him how you feel as it can make things akward. Instead try and be his friend and build a platonic relationship before you express romantic feelings for him. Always be yourself never try and make any love you for who you are not . Don't try and force love it often happens itself or is spontaneous. 🌻 Link in bio for anyone who wants answering to any question / advice 🌻

I know a lot of you are going through difficulties- maybe it's with your job , maybe your family , maybe your friends , maybe you're struggling to make ends meet but I'm just here to tell you you're doing great . Take it all one step at a time. Don't worry about something that you can't change its useless - for example past mistakes . Keep going and know that it won't last , all the struggles and hardships and truly you are strong enough to get through it. When you feel like you have nothing count your blessings- if you have a roof over your head and food to eat just know you are richer than such a great fraction of people living on this earth. Count your blessings don't take life for granted , focus in school because somewhere in Africa or Afghanistan and many other regions girls are denied this very thing we take for granted. Tired of your job? Be thankful that you have a job to begin with. Always be grateful. Always give back. Dms always open , I'm here for anything ❤

The truth is I don't even think about Justin anymore. If I hear his song or see him on tv I still get a little excited but genuinely apart from that I don't really find myself thinking about him or anything. Can anyone relate?

So Hailey and Justin are moving in together? Obviously it's normal to move in together once you're married but now that society has changed people move in before they get married and cohabit . Speaking generally and not specifically at Justin and Hailey , in sociology we study the reason for the fall in marriage and rise in divorce rates and one of the things which has increased both is the fact that people live together before getting married. It makes sense because if you already live together before you get married then nothing changes when you are married so it's literally just a piece of legal document.. if you lived separately before being together then suddenly there's all this excitement and new experience . Once they're married it's just like 'Oh, so this is it?' - this is reached by all couples but it is delayed with the honeymoon phase but if you already do everything you would if you were already married obviously you reach this state of coming off your high much quicker.

Justin has attachment problems. To begin with he gets seriously attached to people then suddenly detached. Remeber how he would always hang with Carl, copy his style and post with Him? Now we haven't even seen them together in a while and Carl didn't even seem pleased about the engagement even though he is a friend of Hailey's. Let this mania and excitement die down and we will see if him and Hailey are the real deal or not. When he realises he's actually getting married as in commiting 100%, settling down and being together forever he might just get a big shock - seems like he wants a WEDDING and not a marriage. Think about that.

Ok so it's important to cristise and evaluate yourself so here's my self judgement for you guys.

Maybe I have been showing a little too much care about Jailey than I should if I claim not to care. I guess the reality is that I do care to an extent even if I hate to admit it.
Do i think they're good for each other? NO
Do i like them together? NO
Do i think he's made the right decision? NO
Does it matter what I think? No. And that's the truth. I can say whatever I want but it isn't my relationship to be happy or sad about. All i can hope is she makes him happy.. that's all that matters right? It's his life and his mistakes to make. Does that mean I will quit being opinionated about them? Probably not but I think it's healthy for me to understand everything I just said. We will see if they stand the test of time.

Jailey fans really need to get a grip . Either stick to 'they've been friends forever' or 'Hailey was a fan'. You can't pick and choose them to suit your argument. And no it can be both because that's obnoxious you can't be a 'fan' of your 'friend'. Yeah you can think they're cool and support them but ask people for their location constantly to get a glimpse of them? Yeah no that's not a friendship. IF THEY WERE FRIENDS WHY NOT TEXT HIM DIRECTLY AND ASK TO HANG OUT?

Is it just me or have the jailey spottings decreased? This doesn't mean they're over it means they're finally acting more like an actual couple rather than behaving like they're inseparable. That wasn't healthy at all and maybe they have realised that

Pattie seems like the most sweetest person ever but I find that hard to believe if she loves and supports trump. Ok yeah maybe in the beginning when he promised jobs to people or whatever other excuse people used to justify their support for him but following Melania recently after he is actively keeping kids hostage and deporting mother's, father's and grandparents? He's a monster and she should quit preaching love if she stands for a man who stands for hate. I'm sure she will get on just fine with Justin's in laws , they can bond over their mutual love for Trump.

I can't even imagine Justin and Hailey arguing .. she seems so submissive and passive when it comes to him. Honestly if Justin cheated on her she still wouldn't break up with him. Butting heads ( in proportion) is a sign of a healthy relationship , passion and communication skills.

Lol I always knew Justin and Hailey weren't always 'friends' and the other stuff you guys say. You throw around the word friendship but in reality it's a relationship just like any other and has commitment and is built of foundations. (SWIPE) A girl made a YouTube video showing Hailey's obsessive nature since the start asking fans for Justin's locations to 'bump' into him. This seems is a fan - "idol" relationship not a friendship. Am I surprised? No. Jelenacrusin has said before that 2016 Hailey would harrass Justin and his team and demand to know his whereabouts. She even made all her friends 'swear not to date justin because that would kill her' and they werent even a thing at the time.. yikes. Call her fake or unreliable but until you can provide me with all the rares, snippets and leaks she has given us over the years I'm going to believe her.

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