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Catherine Chubak 

For years, I secretly wanted an actual record player. Dane surprised me with one for our dating anniversary with one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. He is a good man! #mygreatdanechubak #recordplayer #lalaland #ilovetheflowers

One of the best decisions I have ever made was asking out my Dane. From our first date, we talked for 5 months and went on consecutive dates....and he never even hugged me!! Haha. I remember thinking on this date... May 19th,2013....we either date or we need to separate ways. Dane and I hung out that day and I decided to put my hand in his and we never let go since (besides the one time he broke up with me a week later...but who remembers that?). May 19th will always be a cherished day in my eyes. Dane is a rare soul and I am glad that I went for him. #mygreatdanechubak #datinganniversary #flopsycuddlesworth #mardaloop

This is my version of Mother's Day! I love this pup so much! #flopsycuddlesworth #mothersday

One of Flopsy's night routines is admiring himself in the mirror as he cuddles with me. He does it every night. #flopsycuddlesworth #hehasgoodselfesteem #cockerspaniel #everythingtealormintgreen

Jenna, do you remember when I googled best friend poems the day of for the maid of honour speech? I do!!! I can't believe it has been 5 years! Happy Anniversary!!! #happyanniversaryjennaandjosh #cardstontemple #goodday! @jmclean6

This is what happens when Flopsy and Dane hang out!!! #bestfriends #somuddy! #flopsycuddlesworth

This chunky monkey just turned 6 months old today!!!!! We could not have picked a better little doggy than him! All he wants is love and for him to sit on your feet! #flopsycuddlesworth #happyhalfbirthday

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