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There are about 100 to 150 thousand dogs and cats in the streets of Istanbul. For centuries, locals have left out food and water for their beloved street creatures. But, after some changes in the laws, about a thousand dogs were sent to the forests of Istanbul; this made it harder for these dogs to find food or for someone to feed them. After these changes, several groups of volunteers began to go to the forests of Istanbul, almost daily, to feed these dogs. One of these volunteers is Esra, who has an NGO called Sokaklar Bile Yasak Bize for approximately 7 years. In the beginning, Esra counted on the help of about 8 people, but with time some were leaving and today there’re only two people, in which they do the voluntary work of, besides feeding the dogs in the forests of Istanbul, they also do the work of medical care, rescues and finding homes for the dogs that rescue in the shelters and streets of Istanbul. Currently, Sokaklar Bile Yasak Bize has fed the dogs every Sunday, and when there is enough food in the middle of the week, approximately 300 dogs in the forests of Istanbul. But, sometimes, they don't have the right food for the dogs and it’s not always that they receive the donations; so, they cook what they have in the kitchen, so that the dogs have what to eat. Knowing this, we, #cansudere fans from Latin America, got together and decided to do something to help, and after a few months of fundraising, we got enough to buy 225kg of dog food, with the intention of being a another way to celebrate Cansu's birthday, and also a way to help those in need.
For the people of the different countries from Latin America, we left ours thank you, thank you for having donated.
And @sokaklarbileyasakbize thank you very much for everything, especially for letting us help and participate in this beautiful work that you do.
The work that Esra do is hard, but it is beautiful, and we hope that from all this, she can receive more and more donations of food, medicines, blankets, because the winter is coming in Istanbul, and of course, homes, so that these animals can have a right to a place to live and call home.
Keep hel

Happy birthday Cansu Dere! 🎉🎈 #CansuDere

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