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Danielle Karagannis  filmmaker(director, writer)&photographer. watch/see:

"exteriors", art share l.a., saturday may 27th, 7 pm - 10 pm and then some. 🍻

and to think my lens is completely manual.

car diaries.

"Exteriors" curated by @artshare_la opening night May 27th, 7pm - 10pm, at Art Share L.A. Party hardy in the arts district afterwards. Come!

I mean... 😍

it has been a while. hope that changes soon enough. in the mean time, here is beautiful and calming vermont. holiday, 2016.

there's so much I could say, but haven't had the energy. will leave it at this: portrait of a survivor, taken 4/26/17, the anniversary.

one more for good measure. @becoming_majortom

april 16th was my tootie bootie's FIRST birthday! this is him being rightfully spoiled on sunday.

In honor of my little man's first full year of life: I never get bored of him stealing my pens, crying for me to join him on the floor so he can snuggle the fuck out of my face, eating my papers, farting, digging at the litter box and floor (purely for fun), sitting tall and proud with his chin up, grinning like a human with his mouth wide open, diving under the door mat, making WoOkiE-wOOkiE noises, his obsession with tunnels, his booty fluff, walking with his treasure troll in mouth, yearning for soup & salad & popcorn, continuously trying to make nena fall in love with him, needing to always be by my side, and sprinting through the house like usain bolt. z⚡️ggy the z-man always has the time of his life and everyday is his most favorite day ever. he's THE most special, kindest bb boy there is and we love him to fucking pieces. rescuing an animal in need never gets old. thanks @joshatorium for snagging this qt image.


UPDATE as of 3/30: Josh and I reached the decision to pull our film from Tuesday's screening due to artistic integrity, in regard to how our film is meant to be experienced. Thank you ALL for the excited well wishes and those who planned to come. Will keep everyone in the loop for when GIRL does screen in LA (whether a festival or other means), so can view it as intended. Cheers.

the gallery show I mentioned, entitled "Exteriors", exhibiting some of my street photography (like this image), will take place May 27th - June 16th. opening night will be held May 27th from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm at Art Share L.A.'s main gallery (DTLA). who ever is around, come on out for it. it's gonna be a great show.

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