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Got heeeeem

Rian Johnson & Andy Serkis have a backstory for Snoke.
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"Oh it's.... beautiful."
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"Now, what do you see?"
Pic Edit: Unknown-- No legible Watermark.
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Amazing Toy Art/Construction Via: StarWars.Com
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This is amazing! This season of rebels is going to be 🔥🔥 Make sure to follow us ➡️ @canonstarwars

No watermark... Idk who to give credit to.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Later today we will Unveil our New Spinoff Star Wars Account right here on Instagram! The name of the Account will be given, as well as of a description of what exactly it is, and why we're doing it. Keep an eye out!
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BREAKING NEWS: Ron Howard has Announced that the title of the Han Solo Anthology Film will be 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'
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Damn Ahsoka.
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Rebels Review - Heroes of Mandalore, S4 E1&2.
An excellent action packed start that wastes no time getting into it. A perfect combo of action, humor, and plot, as well as hinting of what is to come. Episode Score: 7.3/10
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