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Gabe Gasanov 

when the hubba is knobbed , but its all good because you cant ollie anyway πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ πŸ“½ @brent_hyden @skatejuice @acidchemicalco

Cannonball frontside boardslide from the weekend ❀️ feels good to skate again , we got something in the works keep your eyes peeled @skatejuice @acidchemicalco photo by @ty_lor ignore my face πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

extra clips from Skate Juice 2 , before i broke my ankle and shaved my head πŸ“½ @brent_hyden @skatejuice @acidchemicalco

Thank you for putting up with nonsense , letting me ride my skateboard whenever i please , supporting me at whatever i choose to do , being there for me whenever i could use some encouragement or motivation , giving me the love that has helped me grow into the person i am today, I hope in some way i can give you what you have given me , the memories we shared I could remember for the rest of my life , Thanks for one hell of a year and heres to many more , I love you micheala shiflet ❀️ more then words can ever describe

Thank you to everybody that has supported me and helped me get to where i am today , never thought id end up here , my skatejuice 2 part on the website !! thank you guys @skatejuice @transworldskate @acidchemicalco @brent_hyden

Not all cops are bad people 😬 , filming during Skatejuice 2πŸ“½ @brent_hyden @acidchemicalco @skatejuice #metrogrammed #skatecrunchmag

happy birthday to San Marcos finest !! have a good one @hugolagunas !!! πŸ“½ @ty_lor @acidchemicalco #burners #treflipgod

i really miss inward heelflips 😒 taken from skatejuice uno πŸ“½ @brent_hyden @acidchemicalco @friend_ship_skateboards

almost lost my fingers 😳 πŸ“½ @swellbowe

happy valentines day yall , thank you for all you do for me, all my nonsense you have to deal with , i love everything about you πŸ’•

πŸ—‘ : πŸ“½@hugolagunas

ankle recovery feeling good πŸ“½ @fustoop #imrollingonacid #friends #burners #skatejuice

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