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Oliver Seymour  Dog behaviour and dog walking experts based in Hertfordshire area.

Little Evie was branded ‘aggressive’ (white and brown staffy). Again she was just misunderstood and was an insecure girl. A few walks with us, with a bit of direction and she was back to balance. This video was especially good as we’ve increased excitement and with dogs theres a very fine line between over-excitement and it switching to a fight. So she did very well! #rescuedog #staffordshirebullterrier #frisbeedog #gsd #trustrespectlove

They asked it to be slow motion not me!
Just a quick tip. ********* If you engage in activities with your dog which requires them to get excited, make sure you can bring them back down to calmness. ********
So many people leave their dogs in an excited state after the game has finished which only encourages them to be excited.
Make sure your dogs understands that you dictate the game and not them, which means you initiate it and finish it. So you can influence them to get excited but more importantly influence them to be calm again. ********
Dogs understanding these set rules, boundaries, limitations you have set for them, gives you a deeper relationship of mutual trust and respect.
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We all have that one friend........... #bordercollie #portuguesewaterdog #funnydogs #dogfriends

Hi guys, please take a moment to check out this transformation video. This Kerri Blue Terrier was in the verge of being rehomed because of its dog aggression. After just 2 hours this is where we got to. He’s a long way off being a social dog, but the first stages are just to get rid of the aggression and understand why Harley was doing this. #terrier #dogbehavior #dogtraining #rescuedog

Meet Soli, Buddy and Saxon! Here at Canine Karma we love all breeds especially the ones that are misunderstood but with the right guidance they can be the perfect furry companion. Please contact for any dog training or dog walking services. #dogtraining #dogwalker #bullybreed #welovedogs #smallbusiness

We had a shadow student join us this week at Canine Karma. Kush wanted to learn about dog behaviour and how dogs really think. He’s in training to be a vet and will eventually work with big cats in Africa. It was a pleasure having him for the week and we hope he gained a platform of knowledge to take with him for his future work with animals. #dogtraining #dogbehavior #welovedogs

I couldn’t believe boxers can swim so well!
Swimming is a great way to exercise your dog, roughly 5 minutes of constant swimming is the equivalent to a mile walk. It’s a lot easier on their joints than walking and it can be done in hot weather without the worry of overheating, which recently is very relevant! #dogtrainer #dogwalking #boxersofinstagram #swimmingdog

With it being ridiculously hot recently, the walk with your dogs should very structured and limited in excitement and running about. A great activity to do in this heat is to just relax with your dogs, even though this isn’t a physically demanding exercise, it’s a mentally demanding one with dogs being required to stay until you release them. This also will improve your dogs impulse control which is a huge thing to have when owning a dog, if you can control impulses you can control your dog! Just remember they can walk in this heat but don’t let them chase balls or run riot with excitement, just calm and controlled walks will fulfill them on all levels! #dogwalking #dogtrainer #staffordshirebullterrier #sheepdog #boxersofinstagram

Throwback to our Canine Karma pack walk. It was great to see all these dogs who have previously had problems come together and socialise in a calm and relaxed way. They are all still working on their issues but everyone showed great progress! Looking forward to the next one! #packwalk #dogtrainer #dogwalking #allbreeds

Having control like this passing a Redzone dog requires calmness and confidence from the person behind the leash. It also requires great observation of any body language that can escalate to our dog reacting. If you can catch him at a level 1 rather than when he’s at a level 10, it will obviously be easier to calm the brain down. The main sign to look for differs from dog to dog , but one of the major signs is the eyes, if they start using the eyes to investigate the other dog instead of using the nose there’s more likely going to be a negative reaction. #dogbehavior #welovedogs #portugesewaterdog #dogtraining

What a great turn out today for the Canine Karma pack walk. As there were so many today we thought it was best to do a calm and relaxed road walk. Everyone did fantastic and the dogs were superbly behaved! The Canine Karma pack is growing! #packwalk #dogtrainer #welovedogs

A new addition to the Canine Karma family, meet Buddy the little Jug. I don’t think he’s learned to run in a straight line yet! #dogwalking #pug #jackrussel #jug

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