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Canaan Sharp  -MISSISSIPPI- Look at this crap. (👻 canesharp) STARKVILLE, OXFORD & KEMPER. I LOVE DOGS

I post this pic all the time. Livi, babalu and magg. All my kids. #uncle #doggydad
Cant help but smile

Fascinating how ugly a person can get in 20 years. #zoolanderhair

Happy veterans day, here’s two of the many i know. My boys

I got crabs

Happy birthday to this guy that picks me up when im down and makes me laugh all the time at how stupid i am. Always knows what im thinking before i say it.

Sitting in the VIP with EMCC Hall of famer Ike Hopper and his Wonderful wife Betty, aka my Nana and Pop. #RAAAAAAAAAWWWWR #lastchanceu #Emcc

Ghost and bananas. Nothing scarier.
Glad I could dust off the old banana costume and trick or treat with my girls. Apparently when u are old u only get funyons. #halloween #2018 #unclebanana

LISTEN CLOSELY! I know the secret to winning an argument with a woman!

10 years ago today i came home from school to darkest and most silent my family home has ever been. I found out my dad was diagnosed with leukemia. The doctors then told him he had about a year to live. I remember living in my own silence and darkness that entire year bc of the disbelief and unwillingness to talk about it. Yet a year went by.. then they gave him 8 years to live.. thru chemos and radiation and all different kinds of new and old medicines and methods. Here we are 10 years later happy, loud and out of the darkness. Making a dog tapdance on the porch. While i do this stupid cackle laugh that will pierce your ears. Cancer sucks, but you cant give up on life. Thankful for my dad and my goofy dog. #cancer #cancersucks #cll #leukemia #pitbulls #remission #prayforroman #thankyouroman #dogs #mississippi #life #happiness

“That’s life my friend” Hermanos 4 life. #guapoygallodeoro

Tonights work out brought to u by, a really good place to get pie in Galveston, Texas. #piegains #coolshirt #yeeyee

Yaaaaarg... #chickenthighs

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