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Candy Heilman-Agosto  infj | married | living seaside | β˜§β™€ this is just a visual journal, right?

first day of autumnal equinox πŸ‚
i had bought a two of my favorite fall candle last year at the end of the season & thanks to my sheer willpower & restraint in using them sparingly, one of them wasn't finished until literally last week.
it's nice when things work out like that.
i'm getting out the decor & the past few evenings have been cooler which gets my hopes up that we might actually have somewhat of a fall this year. the probability is high. my hopes are high. & there is still room for possibilities.
it's nice when things work out like that.

this first picture is from yesterday morning when i went for a walk at sunrise with a good ol' gal pal.
she has visited at least a handful of times & we always mean to get a picture together.. but we haven't since the day before she moved to new york over two years ago (tb tuesday?)
so i'll share those.
& next time take a picture of her instead of some strangers yacht at sunrise.
anyways, thankful for friends who care about loving people & justice & being real & being light. das u @tannergirl

hey! people who like podcasts!
recommend some of your faves to me!!
& DON'T YOU DARE say any off the top charts page because i have already cleaned that out.
i'm looking for some true crime, some spooky, some psychology, some meditation, & preferably by women*~

first day of fall is this week, my dudes. looking forward to decorating for the part around our home. i'm not a fan of the month of september or any sort of in between stages.. i'm just holding my breath for it to start chilling out around here.

tfw the barista makes your green tea latte with more milk than green tea but then they also give you a free cold brew so you don't feel like you can complain about the tea (lol) & then you go walking around the neighborhood & because the hurricane killed a ton of tree they all have turned brown so it feels kinda like fall but summer's still holding on & the sun is setting & the air has that smell & stuff is just so nice. tfw.

a new nest + fresh tracks β—―

sea turtle egg shell 🐒πŸ₯šπŸšπŸŒΎ
went looking for hatching babies on my walk, ended up only finding half a dozen little lifeless bodies.
fun fact. the brevard county coast is the largest nesting ground for loggerhead & green sea turtles in the world.
the brevard zoo is currently refuge to over 1,500 baby sea turtles who were confused, hurt, or displaced by hurricane irma. sadly hundreds of nests were destroyed by the storm & soft little egg shells strewn across the shore are all that's left.
if you find a baby sea turtle that looks hurt, stuck, or confused, there are multiple local locations you can take them to in brevard. if you're planning on going to the beach during this hatching season, or if you just live in florida, i encourage you to do some quick research on where your closest sea turtle rescue is, how to interact (or how to not!) with sea turtles, & general rules regarding them.
if it's heading towards the water, your best bet is to just leave it alone, observe from a distance. you can be fined for even touching certain sea turtles because they are threatened or endangered (how any floridian doesn't know this, i don't understand. but just putting it out there since we hear stories every year)
also, if you have kids or friends with kids, remind them to fill holes at the end of their beach trip. i saw & filled in about a dozen sand castle motes. those holes become pits that baby sea turtles get stuck & can become easy prey.
end psa.

the dunes took a hit
but there's still so much growth

summer friends don't stay

the sky stayed pink for so long πŸ₯πŸ§πŸ’β˜οΈ
i'm going to miss these mornings as the days shorten
but also excited for it to not be 80Β° before 8am.

09.14.17 β€’ was bit an octopus
basically the opposite of anything on my bucket list.
(if you didn't see my insta-story a few days ago)
i was walking the beach, looking for baby sea turtles, never found a sea turtle but i did come across this lil beb who got stuck pretty far up on shore when the tide went out. & my first instinct was to quickly scoop it up to carry back to the water. forgetting that even small octopi can bite.
also, i was unaware that allllll octopi have venom (only one is harmful to humans - avoid the blue ones!) first it felt like a weird pressure, then it hurt like a fat needle & a bunch of wasp stings. i was able to tug the little guy off in the water & watch it get taken back into the ocean.
then to be quite honest, i panicked for a minute, seeing my hand swell ("why am i like this? why do i always feel the need to save things??") but after consulting the internet, i determined i wasn't going to die. it's still a bit sore but i forgive the lil sea alien for betraying me.
so yeah, no baby sea turtles. but baby octopus was still cute & made for a better story, i guess.
sharing my experience so that you can know if you ever cross paths with an octopus, use a stick or something thats not your hand to pick it up.

well look what the storm dragged in.. let's sit on the drift wood, count it's weathered & worn rings, trying to figure out its age. & guess how many oceans or rivers it floated through before the hurricane made currents strong enough to leave it here. in its new home. where people will sit on it, watch the waves in the sunrise, & attempt to count its rings..

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