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Candy Heilman-Agosto  infj | married | living seaside | ☧♀ this is just a visual journal, right?

i live here. i am here.
just gotta stop myself from every once in a while to meditate on where i'm at (figuratively & literally) so that i can fully appreciate where i've come from & where i will be. i am here. the past is over & the future isn't promised.
i am here.

"oh, but i can hear you,
loud in the center
aren't we made to be crowded together
like the leeeeeaaaavesss?" 🎶

🏙✨ M I A M I ✨🌴
in the mood to be back there right now. here's to more explorations of my own state, plz & ty.

i want to write something about pain & carrying the pain of others & feeling helpless when you see people you love struggling but there's nothing you can do & you just want them to be happy & for things to go right for them but i don't think they make cards for that. and a card isn't what they need right now. & i don't know how to really write about this so i'm just word vomiting about despair & feeling small.
just a evergreen reminder that people are going through more than we can even see. and if you're going through something, you're not as alone as you may feel. people who love you are carrying your pain with you (they want to. i want to) it's what we were made to do. carry these heavy things in life together & try our very best to lighten each others load. i firmly believe that.
i'm trying to find ways to lighten a few people's loads today. whether it's just being there or giving in some way. i hope this encourages you to help lighten someone's load too. or to lighten your own load by asking for help. it's the only way i can imagine us getting through any of this. and we will get through it. we will ♡

it's the first official day of summer & i had to change my outfit three times already from sweating too much. this one was cute while it lasted tho. wyd?


appropriate first day of summer solstice shirt + state of mind.

miami on my miiiiind ☀️

do you think pantone chose that funky green as 2017's color because they knew matcha was about to blow up everywhere & they wanted to make people start seeing green so that they were subconsciously even more drawn to it? that's gotta be it, right?
this Conspiracy Theory® was brought to you by me.
you're welcome. have a good day.

at 56 years old, my dad started drinking coffee for the very first time just so that we'd have another thing to bond over. i don't know if anyone else's dad loves them that much.

thank you for taking us on family road trips & various vacations every year. those are some of my favorite memories. thank you for going on trips without mom so i learned early that couples can & should have their own passions & callings. thank you for not putting your passions aside just because you had kids, but for bringing us along.
thank you for loving god & people the way you do. for leading the way you do & never being too proud to admit mistakes or just be a goof ball.
thank you for teaching me how to ride a bike & surf & skateboard & deal with confrontation.
thank you for teaching me to strive for excellence in whatever i do, to try anything once, & that "it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission."
love you dad.
can't wait to get coffee with you this summer💗

had a great time sipping alllll the rosé & seeing art from so many rad local artists as part of celebrating my girl damaris' birthday!
we got our fortunes told by a knock off zoltar machine, made some new friends, pet a bunch of dogs, & laughed until we almost peed ourselves. 10/10 will do melbourne's "sip & stroll" again.
✨happiest wishes, @all_smilezzz. love love love you✨

i've never dreamt in black & white. it sounds so weird to me, like what makes your brain turn off colors when you're asleep? but apparently it's a pretty common thing.

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