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Candy Heilman-Agosto  infj | married | living seaside | ☧♀ this is just a visual journal, right?

⚡️national hotdog day⚡️
couldnt pass up on this one. as soon as i heard "hotdog day" i was craving our famous local gem, the best around since 1987, Mustard's Last Stand all morning. i got a hula veggie dog (pineapple, tomato, jalapeños, + swiss) & had a very good day for a wednesday. ☀️🌈🌭🍟🍻🌺⚡️

found an amethyst big as my head 💜🦄🗻🎆🔮✨ would need if it wasn't like a couple million dollars.. spencer pratt, come buy this for meeee

"Each moment
is a place you've never been."
—Mark Strand

walks through our old neighborhood always make her so peppy. i never keep her on a leash when we're there, she still knows all of our favorite routes by heart ♡

while on break, i sat on this stoop of a closed business for a while, enjoying this caramel espresso donut (!!!) & iced coff.
now when i say "a while", i mean i was probably there for a good 25mins taking selfies, pictures of plants around me, sipping & snacking away, thinking i'm completely alone & unbothered.
when i got up to leave, i turned around & saw inside the "closed" shop was a bunch of older ladies who had been having a private party but were all talking & standing by the window watching me.
v humbling learning experience, friends.
sharing that life lesson with you.
just because a business is closed, doesn't mean the building is empty. & just because you don't see anyone, doesn't mean they don't see you squatting & sitting inappropriately in a dress just to get that perf close up of a succulent 😐

put a hoop trough both of my 1st/2nd holes & this is who i am now (this is who my ears are now) someone come over & gimme another right above it. i want to have a piercing party like in high school.

happy july 17th! 📆🗓📅
just reminding you all it's the one day a year where the calendar emojis are completely relevant.
you're already down to less 24hrs now!
(currently finishing "big magic")

throwback to last weekend. when we showed up to hang out & were accidentally matching.
(i hate how often that happens)
(no i don't, it's funny every time)
& when we were trying to take a ~cute~ pic together & some old man was asking us why we were hiding.
& when we had originally met up to look at the art but we showed up hungry. so it ended up being a scavenger hunt for the galleries with the best snack bars & free wine.
i appreciate your friendship. so much so that i'm not going to wait until your birthday to say it. always looking forward to making more goofy memories with you, @whatafox

frida kahlo by lola alvarez bravo
one of my favorite pieces/artists featured in the foosner right now. (i broke the rules & took a picture of this picture. i apologize to the great authorities who make the rules..)

just a regular sunday in july.. it's all magic.

our lil friendly neighborhood art museum. if you live in melbourne & if you haven't visited the foosner in a while, i would definitely recommend going soon to see their current exhibit "pan american modernism: avant garde art in latin america & the united states."
there are some extremely beautiful pieces in it. it's good. & i mean, come on, free fun activity & culture?
get ya some. ✨

foraged florals ❦❧
every winter the crepe myrtles look like they're dead.
sooo dead & forever gone. for months they'll be just dry sticks. i swear, every year, i fall for it & i think the trees got sick or a bug or something has ruined them & they will never be the same. they even look dead all through spring. i mourn their loss. every. year.
then over one night, sometime in the beginning of the summer, our neighborhood will suddenly be filled with lush green, with pink & white delicate petal confetti falling everywhere.
i live for these lazarus seasons.
so much life & growth that i'll soon forget how it looks in winter. & will go through these emotions all over again next year. actually, i've almost forgotten already how bad things were. that's life isn't it..

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