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This past week has been testing me in its own special, demonic way, but I just wanna say I'm beyond lucky that I have this amazing man as my partner through it all. I've never been perfect and I often struggled with being unhappy in the past, but these couple of years I've had with you have been not only some of the happiest, but more importantly, also the healthiest I've ever had. It's fucking strange that life has taken us down this path to becoming parents soon, but to be honest, none of it scares me knowing we will raise this tiny human together. Youse gonna be such a good papa, and I just wanted to brag a little to the world.

This good boy turned 2 years old two days ago! He got a brisket taco and hung out with some human friends and I yelled IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY at him all night.

The Unrequited. Put this little lady from the other day on a slab of wood to hang in the Heavy Mental Gallery. Basel has been a whirlwind of art, painting, music, and meeting some of my absolute favorite artists randomly, but mama's almost ready to go home to reality and her pup. Gonna try to make this last day in Miami count!

We've had a hell of a week in Miami, but we got this crazy wall painted. Definitely an interesting first venture out to Art Basel and hopefully it's a smooth ride for the rest of our stay! Can't wait to walk around some more and check out @secretwalls tonight.

The Bibliophile. Made a couple of small pieces for the show during Art Basel at Kazilla and ER's new gallery in Wynwood. Graphite, acrylic, and pastel.

Do you suppose she's a wildflower?

I know I haven't shared much lately, and to be completely honest, I've kind of hit another snag of creative inactivity, but I can tell ya I've been working on a very big and important personal collab with @manwithpencil that's taken a lot of energy and love the last of months which we'll officially introduce soon! Working on my first mural in a long while the last couple of days gave my brain a small jumpstart and I sat down and got some sketches out last night. Celebrating being tobacco-free for about 2 months now! Can't say I don't miss it sometimes, but can't say it won't be better for me in the long run. Cheers to all you other quitters.

I can't wait until you're here.

Today is my Grandpa Kuo's 79th birthday. I get to spend it with him and my family floating around the Caribbean on the largest cruise ship in the world. I got to see them twice this year, something that almost never happens since they live in Taiwan, and I don't take it for granted. Happy birthday to the man that first showed me the love that dogs can bring, who I hiked my first mountain with as a toddler, and who is the grumpiest-looking, but kindest and most giving man I know. I love you more than words can say.

"Southwest Eggroll" The 8x8 mural I painted at ACL. Be sure to come check it out in person at this year's Hops for Hope during EAST! Special thanks to @hopeoutdoorgallery and @starkeymiles for coordinating!

Put in a couple of hours at the hill today with @manwithpencil.

Quick collab with @manwithpencil the other day.

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