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-two-  Mama Bear. Illustrator. Musician. Muralist. Toy Collector. Nap Enthusiast. Cat Wrangler. For commissions:

All the doggos! This lil family of pups are all 4"x6" watercolor and graphite on Bristol. Been trying to whittle down this list of commissions and gifts I owe people. The last few months have been a wonderful blur of trying to balance work, art, and taking care of a baby, but truth be told, I've had a hard time finding enough energy to focus much on art. Nevertheless, I'm trying, and I want to thank those still waiting for artwork for their patience and understanding as I figure this out. 😘

This lil banana makes me laugh everyday and I'm lucky to be her mama. Crazy how fast 6 months go by when you're watching a little one learning everyday how to be a tiny hooman.

Was commissioned to do a male version of an older piece titled Warpaint. Mixed media on paper. I had a lot of fun redoing this!

These two cuties got to have an early Christmas together this weekend! Been friends with this group of girls for almost 20 years, and now our little beans can grow up with their own friends for life. ❤❤❤

Knocked this last piece out in 2.5 hours today. OUR WALL IS FINISHED. @bluedozenco got complete creative freedom to just go wild all over this 220 ft wall. Thanks to @artfromthestreetsaustin for having us, and @ty_wrex for hookin it up!

My first piece from our mural for @artfromthestreetsaustin. Located on South Lamar, we've been working on this beast of a wall this entire last week. Super happy to be getting back up on walls, and even more excited to add the final pieces tomorrow! Drive by and check out all the other work the @bluedozenco has been putting up!

Dancing with traffic. @manwithpencil @grim_atx

Our little southwest eggroll is 4 months old today! Atticus Faye weighs 12 lbs 13 oz and is 25 inches long! Her nickname is Slobberfist and her favorite snack is a knuckle sandwich. She's been grabbing her toes like crazy ever since she figured out they were there, and even though she smiles all the time, we've only gotten a couple of beefy chuckles out of her. She farts like a moose, has 4 chins, and thinks diaper changes are hilarious. She's working on sitting up on her own but isn't quite there yet so she fusses until she's able to pull herself into a standing position while we hold her. I can't believe it's already been 4 months, and it's insanely cool watching you grow every day.

Death, acrylic on canvas. Started this piece probably a year ago, but I only got this far before I hit the "I hate it" stage of the painting. I wanted to post this progress picture before I jump back on to rework some spots and finish it. I've been playing around with oils more, and honestly it makes sense since the slow drying layers are a little more forgiving of the constant distractions that come with being a new mom, so the final layers will probably be oil over this acrylic. It's something I haven't done before so I hope it goes well. Maybe it's the weather lately, but it's been hard finding much energy to do anything, but my brain refuses to let up on letting me know I'm being unproductive. Too tired to paint, too anxious to chill... WELCOME TO ART LIMBO.

Brunch time twinning! Yesterday the beautiful @morganmurderface turned 30. You've been my best friend for the last 10 years of our lives, you've been there for all my ups and downs, and you were there the day this little human came into our lives. You are the worst and the best, and even though we are bad at feelings, I love you so damn much you butt turd, happy birthday!

Come on baby light my fire. Mixed media on watercolor paper. It's been a long time since I've painted something that I really loved, and I had no idea where this piece was going to go when I originally started it, but I am so in love with her! Message me to give her a home!

The early bird gets the crown. Mixed media 11"x14". Message me if you'd like to give this a home!

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