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-two-  Mama Bear. Illustrator. Musician. Muralist. Toy Collector. Nap Enthusiast. Cat Wrangler. For commissions:

Death, acrylic on canvas. Started this piece probably a year ago, but I only got this far before I hit the "I hate it" stage of the painting. I wanted to post this progress picture before I jump back on to rework some spots and finish it. I've been playing around with oils more, and honestly it makes sense since the slow drying layers are a little more forgiving of the constant distractions that come with being a new mom, so the final layers will probably be oil over this acrylic. It's something I haven't done before so I hope it goes well. Maybe it's the weather lately, but it's been hard finding much energy to do anything, but my brain refuses to let up on letting me know I'm being unproductive. Too tired to paint, too anxious to chill... WELCOME TO ART LIMBO.

Brunch time twinning! Yesterday the beautiful @morganmurderface turned 30. You've been my best friend for the last 10 years of our lives, you've been there for all my ups and downs, and you were there the day this little human came into our lives. You are the worst and the best, and even though we are bad at feelings, I love you so damn much you butt turd, happy birthday!

Come on baby light my fire. Mixed media on watercolor paper. It's been a long time since I've painted something that I really loved, and I had no idea where this piece was going to go when I originally started it, but I am so in love with her! Message me to give her a home!

The early bird gets the crown. Mixed media 11"x14". Message me if you'd like to give this a home!

Garden Grove. Mini oil and acrylic painting on wood. Up for grabs for $40. 🧡

Love you, always.

Just wanted to share the Kid Dragon toy we got the other day. Been wanting this from @samagram12 for a very long time! I always want to show off our collection, but I'm never social enough to have people over very much anymore.

My bluebonnet baby. Playing with oils on canvas.

Harley. Better late than never wedding gift for Eric and Erica, may she stare googly-eyed at you forever in painting form. Prints available soon!

Oh hi Mark, here's my very first attempt at video and making a timelapse. CLEARLY. Eventually I will figure out how to rotate the videos, and which kind of potato is best to record with for optimal blurriness. 😑

I never did post a picture of this finished piece from a pop culture themed show last year. Original as well as prints are available if anybody is interested! 🦍🦍🦍

2 more newbies from last night. Selling art at The Highball today until 4! Come listen to some tunes and look at all the neat things. 💕

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