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Another great workout, 453 lbs for 2 x 5 on wide stance snatch grip deadlifts. Swipe right to see the first set was trash. Just caused by straps, but in the moment it's hard to fully know as it felt heavy as hell too. Used different straps, chalked up and made sure to get more of my hand on the bar to avoid bundling on slicker straps. Then it was a piece of cake. Gotta love it when small things take care of it. #CanditoTrainingHQ #Deadlifts #Fitness #Powerlifting #USAPL #IPF #PragmaticBoyz

I could not be happier with training lately! 30 total reps with 405 and it felt so good warming up I was nervous I'd count the W too soon and screw it up. Keeping a min of 20 reps per workout and 50 weekly regardless of context the past 8+ weeks has been huge. Controlling the dial - Making my body respond to my decisions rather than the hell hole guess game of doing the inverse (overly sensitive adjustments w/ no attack). #CanditoTrainingHQ #Squat #Fitness #USAPL #IPF #SpinalBoyz

10th set of the night, 396 lbs x 5 feeling steady. Really happy with this as 405 x 10 pain free has been the goal for so long and could've hit 7-8 no doubt in fatigued state. It was a 10 x 3 with last set being 3-5, so overall volume wasn't recklessly high. Very excited to get 30 total reps in with 405 lbs next week! #CanditoTrainingHQ #Fitness #Powerlifting #Squat #PainFreeBoyz

Random Thought Of The Day - I've been bench pressing for 14 years, squatting for about 11 years, sumo deadlifting about 3.5 years with only 1 year of truly have technique locked in. The exact inverse of my lifetime most impressive lifts. Whenever you see someone online, odds are you know little about their background. It's very easy to assume the better the lift, the larger the effect of diminishing returns. I see it all the time, only if X lifter brought up Y lift, he'd be in Z hypothetical-never-gonna-happen placement. The truth is expectations must always be in relation to your personal timeline. Gonna randomly increase rate of progress after 10 years? Ok, it can be done, but you better plan of giving it a damn good reason to happen. The tricky part is then it gets easy to be overly deterministic and use this as an excuse to dismiss lifters way better at one movement than you. Huge mistake. Their strength might not equal knowledge, but talent often breeds passion (aka they look forward to doing the damn thing likely more than you) and passion breeds knowledge. It's all about balancing self-reflective goal setting with still external respect and openness. Too external and you doubt everything. Too internal, and you're a forum-obsessed know it all. It's a fine line. #CanditoTrainingHQ #Fitness #Powerlifting #BenchPress

653 lbs and then 300 KG paused deadlifts. Both PRs. 300 kg turned into an absolute grind, which I never intend for on a variation phase. Bar path got forward in underhand which isn't a loading dependent error for me, just goofed. Overall I'm more satisfied with the 653, bar path and pause were perfect on that, but it's always fun to win a battle against gravity on a grind too. #CanditoTrainingHQ #Deadlift #Sumo #Powerlifting #USAPL #projectstrength #Calibrated

3 things a person shouldn't do. 1. Harm without justification. 2. Cheat on their spouse. 3. Squat with their head down. #CanditoTrainingHQ #Ethics #Fitness #Powerlifting #Squat #Deadlift #Bench

290 lbs for a breezy close grip single, feeling great. Anything in the 315-330 range would be a cool target given I'm gripping at the start of the knurling this go around. It's so much easier to program close grip. 4 x 10, 4 x 6, 5 x 10, 6 x 6, etc. and it all works w/ minimal attention to detail. Love the mindlessness. #CanditoTrainingHQ #Bench #BenchPress #Powerlifting #Fitness

Last night 335 lbs for a 3 x 12, 3 days ago 340 lbs for a 4 x 8. 68 weekly reps over 315. The highest that number has been in over a year. Not as appealing as a big pull, but momma always told me "son eat your steak before you can go on having that ice cream ya hear me." #CanditoTrainingHQ #Squat #Powerlifting #Deadlift #USAPL #LegDay #highbarsquat #lifting #fitness #ManletsWhoLift

Officially a member of a gym with calibrated plates now - @theprojectstrength. Time to speak kilogram. 282.5 kg/623 lbs for a paused single, then 3 x 5 w/ 230 kg/507 lbs. 650 is my lifetime best paused so might have to go for 300 keys. All after a 4 x 8 squat with no AC. Cooked. #CanditoTrainingHQ #projectstrength

619.5 lbs drug tested bench press. Huge congrats to @mr.athletic_over_everything for taking the IPF world record. When we collabed on my Youtube channel he was 2.5 kg from the IPF world record, but did it in a local meet. So was a bit of a hidden gem. Now he goes to worlds and takes it outright. No more hiding. Few things feel better than seeing someone set their sights and make it happen. #CanditoTrainingHQ #TexasStrength

@theprojectstrength for a quick session. This is a little nugget I've thrown in my programming to help regain some volume tolerance. I found out at this stage axial loading without the luxury of lat tightness in a deadlift is what taxes my back the most. No ROM is sensitive anymore, but I'd get the occasional back pump that turns into sensitivity. Then I'd reduce volume and go nowhere. So now I'm training it directly via 15, 20, and 30 second holds. 2 out of 3 days I do this. I've built up to 365 here today for what turned out to be a 40 second hold. It's been huge for me as this is the first 100% successful squat cycle I've had post injury (performance wise, pain managment has been taken care of long ago). Conditioning axial loading has been a must, as squat volume is just too important to avoid. #CanditoTrainingHQ #Conditioning #WorkCapacity

First day back at a regular sumo starting position in about a month.  6 plates for a paused single feeling great off the floor.  I've been a bit lazy on pulling shoulders back on sumo because for most sumo styles you have to hyperextend w/ an active lumbar at the top because contact against the thighs cuts full hip extension slightly short.  In my opinion that's why the Russian head up style is more common on sumo than conventional, and also why I think "hips hips hips" is a bad cue for sumo.  Move around the bar.  I've been healthy long enough that I need to hold myself to that standard and pull through my extension intolerance/compensation patterning substantiation mechanistic alleviation ok I'm just BSing now.  Shoulders back fully affects balance so every rep you don't do it is selling yourself short.  #CanditoTrainingHQ

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