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Jonnie Candito  For free programs, including my 6 week program, see the link in the description.


Late valentines present to @mejix3 was helping her to get a modest bench PR (not her favorite lift). She goofed it a bit just before but now got it right for the gram 👌 #CanditoTrainingHQ #DesignatedSpotter #FirstPersonSpotCam

435 lbs for a paused single.  Goal of this cycle is 455 for a paused single, 405 x 10 unpaused, and the 315 x 20 constant tension.  Once that task is complete, then the next cycle will be to hit 500 lbs.  I don't want a dramatic comeback, I want a steady return.  #CanditoTrainingHQ

Constant Tension Squat - ended last cycle with 275 x 15 (shown on IG), now 315 is already moving better.  Bracing feels too questionable to go with a true bottom half squat, so on 2nd set I accepted the ROM I gravitate to anyways on this.  This is just an accessory for lower loading volume, not a replacement.  315 x 20 will be a hard challenge, but I'm up to it.  How many on here have squatted 315 for 20?  It's gotta be a decent intermediate milestone along with 405 x 10 and 500 x 1.  #CanditoTrainingHQ

Back up to using 4 wheels every squat workout.  Feels damn good.  #RoadTo500 #CanditoTrainingHQ

First time working SLDL in my program in over a year. 245 lbs for 2 x 12 after 5 x 10 Leg Press and 4 x 3 sumo DL. Over a year ago I actually tried this shortly after snapping my back a little (assumed it was going to go away soon as it did feel minor) to rehab it only to experience sciatica. To return to the lift and only feel local soreness is incredibly satisfying. Sometimes it takes a few weeks, a few months, or maybe a year plus. Can’t really know until you go through it, but it’s hard keep losing when patient. Thats the one given among the C H A O S. #CanditoTrainingHQ

New video up!  Heaviest I've pulled with #HookGrip  #CanditoTrainingHQ #CanditoDeadliftProgram

Benching from today was a nice mini W.  First set shown was an accidental touch and go set, by last set of the 3 x 3 w/ 315 I got the pause in there a bit better.  Improving in my ability to not rely on a spotter.  Not peaked but starting to get back in the zone where I can plot out when to go for PRs when the time is right.  No more experimenting, simply going to stick with high frequency on bench (5-6x per week) for multiple months now.  #CanditoTrainingHQ #UpperBodyJointsFeelGreat #WhyCantSpinesBeLikeDis

Deadlifted a single so unhyped I messed around and went brain dead.  #CanditoTrainingHQ

A little benching at Gold's gym today. I don't think I've done 275 for 8 before so happy to bring up the rep work a bit. #CanditoTrainingHQ

600 lbs x 3 w/ hook grip.  My lifetime best with 600 is 5 reps so feels good seeing I'm likely good for 6-7 on a long day (did all the big 3). It usually takes me 3-5 workouts straight with hook grip to get it down, so I can't afford to go only straps in the next few as this was only my 2nd workout in a row w/ chalk due to holiday traveling.  #CanditoTrainingHQ #PowerliftingMotivation

Very realistic re-enactment of @kingjames dunking on Til Duncan back in the day. #CanditotrainingHQ #Cavs #ShorterThanIT

275 x 15 constant tension squat. Replaced paused squats with this variation and so far so good. Wanted to keep more to bottom 50% of ROM but misjudged a bit especially on later reps. 315 x 20 would be a fun challenge in the future 😈 #CanditoTrainingHQ

When the gains are flowing like a river.  2 videos uploaded on Christmas.  #CanditoTrainingHQ #Powerlifting #CanditoDeadliftProgram

Wide stance snatch grip deadlifts continue to be my go to. Beltless here for a 2 x 8 with 325 lbs after 6 x 4 squat + 4 x 3 sumo. You know it's moving crisply when you get asked about form right after by a stranger 😂 Had to include it at the end for the lulz. 500 lbs x 5 snatch grip w/ a belt is going to be one of the most fun lifting goals of 2018 for me. #canditotraininghq

Black on black @powerliftingmotivation

Midnight video uploaded last night. @_vwill getting some shine time. I'm preparing him for his first meet (same comp as mine), he's a high level natty bodybuilder with some serious potential. Low key hoping he doesn't out deadlift me 😂 #canditotraininghq

Q and A time. It's been a while since my last one on YouTube. Please only comment of its a question you'd like for me to answer in a video. #CanditoTrainingHQ

Image quality isn't the best yet, but wanted to announce asap on here that first run of shirts is up now for cyber Monday! Link ofc in bio. Think deep squat deeper new design, then if you scroll you can see my brother in the OG design but it's now on a shirt that is more true to fit (previous one was a bit short on torso while long on sleeves). So that will be the new one I record all my vids in. Then the CT black tank is the same so that's why that will be the one that is on a big sale in case you didn't pick one up back when it was available. #CanditoTrainingHQ #ThinkDeepSquatDeeper

Got a great lift in tonight at @texaselitebarbell! @momma__t___ was as welcoming as I could possibly expect. Anytime you can deadlift on calibrated plates, you are living #blessed🙏 #CanditoTrainingHQ

Low block pull by far the strongest it has ever been. What this translates to? We shall see. New vid up on the ole Candito Training HQ YouTube channel all the kids are talking about. #CanditoTrainingHQ

#TBT to last weekend, visiting a seminar starring the world's strongest squatter. #CanditoTrainingHQ

#MidnightUpload on my return to squatting consistently, with a goal for a meet in Pearland. Check it out on the Youtubes #CanditoTrainingHQ

New training update video up!  One of the best 3 week mini deadlift cycles I've ever had.  Enjoying the positive momentum.  #CanditoTrainingHQ

Not sure if back rehab or popping it for the gram.  New video up.  #CanditoTrainingHQ #Spinal #CatCamel #Powerlifting

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