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At my sister's wedding with my girlfriend. Might be uncle Jonnie in the near future. Nothing more important than family and good health ๐Ÿค— #formalcandito

It's about time the news covers the REAL issues.

A wise man once said, never set a min loading target if you won't actually accept it after the fact. 480 lbs for today's single. 4 red boys whispered to me, but I said not today. Not today. #CanditoTrainingHQ #Squat

@_vwill hitting 605 lbs x 10 while I try to tell him to pace himself. Can't break thought that focus though. Vernon has the biggest deadlift of 2018 so far in the USAPL 83 kg class, 2nd all time. Clout gods, please bless this man, my guy is too low key with sub 5k followers. @powerliftingmotivation @deadlifttillimdead @kingofthelifts #CanditoTrainingHQ #USAPL

585 lbs for a smoothly uncomfortable 2 x 5. No rep was easy, but literally no increase in difficulty either. The theme of this entire volume phase. Add in a little hype and stability from Sabos and it'll be time to eat next session ๐Ÿ‘€. #CanditoTrainingHQ #SumoDeadlift

420 lbs x 5. Things are going very smoothly across the board. If squat nears 500 soon I might have to eyeball the Ray Williams Classic in Dallas and maybe be a real powerlifter again ๐Ÿ‘€ #CanditoTrainingHQ #Squat #Powerlifting #DaddyRay

Speed is a dessert not dinner. I think the best way to steadily progress a deadlift is to avoid situations where your confidence depends on bar speed early in the cycle or early in the workout. Don't get me wrong, still give yourself moments where you can blow it up. That's why I reserve the last rep of the last set to see how fast I can move it. Speed should be more of an "oh, that's cool" moment than an "5 plates SHOULD move like X, but today it moved like Y". That's often wrong and you usually you know your own limiting factor better than that, trust yourself. For example I know until I get the "belt punching me in the gut" sensation, I have plenty of room to go, even if it's slugging along. 5 x 5 w/ 540 lbs shown. #CanditoTrainingHQ #Deadlift #sumodeadlift

What is the primary reason you either do bench with a belt or don't? I never tried it once in a decade plus of benching, primarily due to the clear consensus that it isn't necessary among top level lifters. I'm pretty surprised at how great it felt. My back cramped up badly last bench workout, so gave it a shot. I didn't expect unracking to feel noticably easier when having something to brace with. I don't have an extreme arch, but we will see if too much rigidity becomes a problem. #CanditoTrainingHQ #BenchPress #Powerlifting #USAPL #IPF #fitness

Fractional plates are great for loading to the nearest pound-based goal so you can safely avoid caring about kilos. It's a real danger that threatens the American identity of milli--scratch that, tens of powerlifters nationwide. Even when calibrated don't let you mind become kg fixated. #JustSayNo #CanditoTrainingHQ #KGPrevention #PSA #KGGoalMaybeNo

Back over 450 lbs (453) and it's feelin good! I can smell 500, but can I taste it? #CanditoTrainingHQ #Squat #Powerlifting #USAPL #IPF #Fitness

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