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Candace Carroll 

OG #murderinc 🤑

We go through life, we go about our days, our weeks, our years, somewhat carefree never thinking or imagining we could ever be one of “those” statistics. Silence is debilitating and crippling. We should not and can not suffer in silence. I share my strengths but more importantly my weaknesses. Growth begins outside of your comfort zone and deep within your wounds. Keep sharing. Don’t stay silent. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth. You never know who might find comfort through your struggle. And most importantly, keep supporting one another. #nationalpregnancyandinfantlossawarenessday.


9-6-14. You carried me to our table because my feet hurt. In this crazy thing we call “life”, you have continued to carry me with your deepest heart and soul.

No words can express the pure awesomeness you exude. HBD #Rickhoward. Love you to pieces.

Mike likes his ego stroked. Shhhh... HBD. Thank you @crailtap for the gift that keeps on giving. 2 more hours of exploitation.

My rock, my life, my support, my strength, my best friend, my everything. Thank you for being born and for all that you are, that you give, and the love you embody. -Your “Bu”

So much love went into this one. My main objective was to restore this without taking away it’s character. #spanishstyle #forsale

34. Woke up with thoughts. Thoughts of displacement. Was this what I imagined my life to be? No. But we can only live in the present. Only when we let go of expectations, traumatic situations from the past, and incapacitating anxieties of the uncertainties the future holds, can we really appreciate the beauty and appreciation life has given us in this When we stop and take a deep breathe, it's then when we can take in all the accomplishments, whether it be work related, internal growth, going beyond our comfort zones and climbing walls that seemed at the time too high to even try. #thisis34

👯 Our Napa project is finally complete and done with a whole lot of love. We will be selectively renting it out a few times a year. DM if you are interested.

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