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Was so excited to shoot Mary Poppins’ (a la Julie Andrews) former home in London for an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, they practically had to kick me out. In case any of you are house hunting - it is now on the market for a cool £24mil (furnishings included) 😅

The only thing better than enjoying the delectable Dumpling tasting menu @xu_london is a geeky conversation on photography and travel with @kelag_wanderlust 💃🏻🥟

I’ve watched enough Bake Off to know that working pastry in the heat is a bad idea but @skyemcalpine’s Apricot croissant recipe in her cookbook looked too good to resist. True to form my pastry died a horrible melty death and I ended up substituting puff pastry instead. Tempted to try again for the Royal Wedding and think I’ll sneak some lemon curd in there as well 😋

I got a bit of a Greek taverna vibe from @mokapotangel but I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m aching for a jaunt to the Greek islands and freddo cappuccinos aplenty 💦

That day when I realized just how hard it is to be a productive freelancer/mompreneur when one keeps getting distracted by pistachio croissants #truestory

Yesterday’s #tablesituation @bernerstavern where breakfast & coffee gave me the required amount of fuel to power through the hundred and one topics of conversation had with @jessonthames & @belleannee. I also can’t help but wonder how many wonderful discussions the art on the wall have been privy to in the past☺️.

We had the pleasure of trying @bernerstavern new breakfast menu and particularly enjoyed the Isle of Wight tomato & avo salad with Colchester crab on sourdough and Vanilla waffles with strawberry & raspberry salad topped with hung yogurt & pistachios. It’s a little unusual to have salads for breakfast but you know what... it really works!

Dutch baby pancake for one, no plates necessary🍴

Instead of buying everything I wonder if the shop owners will just let me move in 🤔

| After dark and into the early morning |

It was a lifetime ago when I worked as a bartender at the bar just off my college campus. After an evening of serving long island ice teas and listening to a hundred renditions of Sweet Caroline during karaoke nights my work friends and I would close up shop by 3AM and head to the one of our apartments to unwind. Time stood still whenever we convened at the waiter/musician's basement apartment, a threadbare space but rich with atmosphere & music. He would strum his guitar while we chattered away about our plans and dreams. One of us would be president, we were sure of it. It was usually 7AM when we emerged from the basement and headed our separate ways taking lighter steps than when we first arrived.

Cinemagraph inspired by @taylors After Dark blended coffee and one of my favourite after dark memories. Thank you @jessonthames and @charlottehuco for helping me bring this memory to life! #cfgextraordinaryjourney

As we arrived at the location house for the @taylors & @creatingforgood event in support of @womenforwomenuk I cast aside my nerves that have been bubbling from the night before. Not only was I about to lead a cinemagraphs workshop, I was going to present it to a bunch of my peers, creatives whose work I have followed for a while and admire. (Oh the pressure to not sound like a fool 🙈). Instead of letting my nerves fester I had more important things to see to - like filling a bathtub with balloons in the most photogenic of bathrooms simply because @jessonthames, @charlottehuco and I thought it would be funny to.

After the storytelling with cinemagraphs presentation all the creatives were given two hours and a brief: to create a cinemagraph that would evoke the mood of one of @taylors range of blended coffees. I loved watching the others work and couldn't resist returning to the bathroom filled with confetti balloons to channel the "uplifting and free-spirited" nature of Taylors' Degraves coffee blend. For someone who typically works alone I really enjoyed the process of bouncing ideas off of each other and feeding from such vibrant creative energy. With that said, a huge thanks to @jessonthames of creating this with me!

For a behind the scenes look at the event check out the Cinemagraphs Stories highlights on the @creatingforgood account. And follow along #cfgextraordinaryjourney to see what else we’ve been up to.

Celebrating small wins such as finding time for a mani & pedi and drinking coffee while it’s still hot 💃🏻

Stole a moment from running yesterday’s @creatingforgood conference to create a cinemagraph of @the_social_kitchen’s incredible dessert and cheese spread. I may have over did it a little bit as Dani had to stick a bucket under the table to catch the excess honey drizzle 😆.

It’ll take me a few days to decompress and properly process all the love from the conference but allow me this opportunity to quickly thank all those who spent the day with us learning, teaching and creating all to benefit @wearebreadandroses. And a special thanks to those who attended my Cinemagraphs workshop, I cannot wait to see what you come up with! #cfgworkshops

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