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candicelovedredwine  Still trying. No longer a city mouse. Happy as a clam by the sea on the Coal Coast, NSW.

And: the sun will rise and we will try again.
Thanks @carlywilliamsart for that

We: can do this Arthur. It's only another gruelling week ahead. #arthurgreenwood #reassuringhound

Sums: us up nicely #felixis14

14: Felix is fourteen. Whoah that happened fast... taking a minute to reflect on creating + delivering this guy into the world. I just found his birth notes to verify my memory of his heft... 10lb (4.5kg), 56cm of hairy squish, massive noggin. He's off at a mates because mums are chopped liver by comparison but that's OK #felixgreenwood

Jonah: woz here. The time warp that is TAFE offers up some nuggets every now and then. I might be old but penis humour/graffiti is not #dicktation

Pitiful: 'effort' by my 2 bigs for Mothers Day... one missed the bus to have lunch with me + the other said nothing/gave no shits. Seriously hurt by that behaviour. Don't even get me started on what messaging (or lack thereof) is being contributed by their other parent. Just sucks all the balls really... I resign.
and yep I'm putting it on all the Social Medias because what other avenues does a mother have.

Murray: is pretty happy with his lot #murraydoyle

And: I will eat the vegan rosewater donut and all will be better #getinmybelly

Early: resetting my internal clock is A-OK... the evolution towards Full-Nanna is underway #littleaustilove

Guilty: forgive me. Most times I don't answer because I find myself exhausting #antisocialsocialclub

Heart eyes: popped in to grab a fidget spinner, some Marvel crap-tastic discs & a quick smooch 😍 -

#bieberboy #bieleber

Last: baby boy, 5 years ago (must have been quite active on the Facebooks at that point). What a bloody gift he is #gusdoyle

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