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Candice Sabatasso  “If Equal Affection Cannot Be, Let the More Loving One Be Me” ❤️LEAD WITH LOVE❤️🎶🎧🐴🌏🐶🌱🥗🥞🍁🏈 🌊🏝⛰🌅 For Fitness Tips & Guidance @totalfitnesswithcandice

Today is 9 months I’m a very happy vegetarian 🤗🤗 and I wanted to share this to crush a myth that drives me crazy...

That you will lose your muscle, your butt, your abs etc...if you’re not eating meat. False
That you can’t lift as heavy or build muscle if you’re not eating meat. False •
I lift 4 times a week and do high intensity interval training in between. Haven’t lost any muscle in almost a year eating vegetarian (and actually I eat about 90-95% vegan at this point).

When my day is done I’m hitting over 100g of protein each day, it’s enough and it’s NOT hard. Don’t let anyone tell you it is!! •
If you’re thinking about it, have questions, wanna know how and what to eat, how to get started, etc.... message me. And If you like info like this/tips and guidelines about fitness, follow my IG page:
@totalfitnesswithcandice 🤗
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Check this out, a story my Pastor shared this morning... There’s this high school kid in Florida who remembers feeling isolated, lonely and sad in elementary school where he repeatedly sat by himself at lunch.... He’s now the really popular guy in high school and as he noticed too many kids sitting alone during lunch he started a club with some friends called “We Dine Together”. (Google it 🤗) Everyday they go into the courtyard at lunchtime to make sure no one is by themselves and since they started doing this, hundreds of new friendships have formed!! How cool is that???!!!!! Imagine if this was going on in all schools....🙏 ❤️ LOVE ALWAYS WINS ❤️

More Laguna Beach ❤️❤️ One of my favorite places to sit and stare at the ocean. Always tuggin’ at my heart strings, California.
Photo from @bec.lee_

YAY!!!! on opening day for the Yanks 💪 (yes, Mom and the Mets lol) Go NY! Only 161 more games of anxiety lol I like to say, at least I still have a break from the pain of the Jets for a little while longer 😆🤪😬

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Lisa rockin’ them 1 minute intervals 💪💪

Such a magical place with major history! 🙌 FINALLY got over here yesterday. So happy to have one of my best friends and family visiting and got to be the tour guide. Never a problem with all this gorgeousness around!

Scenes from the Balcony
I stand out here with love and appreciation, feeling overwhelmingly grateful 🙏

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#LagunaBeach ❤️ You make my heart do flips every time 🙏 Thank you •

#fbf with this amazing gal -> @elizabethjc215 Round 2 coming up!! 👏🏽👏🏽🤗🤗

About every 6 months, wet stuff falls from the sky here in Cali 🤪🤪 for like 47 seconds to an hour or so 😂😂 This boy does not like it. And it seems he doesn’t like his lil bonnet either... maybe he’d like one of yours better @officialbonnetchronicles 🤗

I told my mom that one day I’d be a Care Bear for real. •

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