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There's going be many times you're ganna wanna turn your back to your fitness journey 🙌🏼 Mine was just over a year ago, when I had nerve damage all the way down my right arm, I was at the peak of my fitness and then BAMB 💥 life threw me a curve ball.
Not only could I not train 🏋🏻‍♀️I am right handed so that meant no driving, typing, completing my exams with everyone, man even washing my hair was next to impossible and this went on for over a year.
I used to sit in a puddle of self doubt, always complaining I was injured instead of using that energy to heal.
These past two weeks I found myself in a similar headspace, not injured but to be honest just not feeling it 🤷🏻‍♀️I had no reason other than I stopped making my fitness journey a priority. And you know what that is TOTALLY okay, because ima frik'n human not a cyborg 😂 ANYWAY, last night I pushed through a difficult boxing class at @sweat_1000 and for some reason I found my ⚡️again! I woke up completed @kayla_itsines week 11 abs and left the gym feeling STRONG. Physically, but more important mentally.
You see guys, it all starts in your head and it all ends in your head 👇🏼Clear your mind, find your focus and more than anything remind yourself you are NEVER DONE being your best self!
#NeverDone #Adidas #AdidasWomen #BeBetter @adidasza @adidaswomen { 🎥: @tegansmithphotography }

I'm still low key obsessing over the chairs from the @radissonbluresct event this past weekend ✨ Swipe right 👉🏼 #AllTheFeels #Decor #InteriorDesign

When your local girl gang scratch their active wear for heels 🦄✨ New blog post up in my bio on the first @perfectpairingsa event hosted by @instaeatscapetown at the @radissonbluresct🍴Thank y'all for an amazing time last night, here's to many more!
#perfectpairingsa #instaeats #girlgang #foodie

#bts to the last day of shooting stage one with @alpenmueslisa 🎥✨ These last few days have been so frik'n busy, but man when I take a step back & appreciate the present I am so dam grateful for everything I have in life 🙏🏼 From the people I love to the people I work with.
Now don't get me wrong, neither come with no work. As with anything in life it's a two way street, but sho I am happy with the path of have chosen to walk.
If it's one thing to take from me today, a girl who quit her day job to chase her dream lifestyle.
#DontGiveUpOnYourDreams { Hair & Makeup: @tash_pops Getup: @hm }
#bebetter #goaldigger #shoot #gratitude

I'm out here feeling floral AF with mah @beetbox_rx smoothie bowl in shorts? #OnlyCapeTown #SmoothieBowl #Foodie #Foodporn

SQUAD GOALS 😂 #bts with the @alpenmueslisa crew today! Feeling so frik'n blessed right now 🙏🏼 #watchthisspace #goaldigger #fitness #squadgoals

I'm not ganna lie, lately I have been feeling so out of wak with social media 🙄From hitting a creating block to seeing people being straight up condescending #smeh

Basically I forgot why I started this page, and what my purpose was here even (funny how we humans are always on a search for some purpose, whether we are aware of it or not)
Then I got sent an illustration this afternoon from @justsomefitgirl_whoillustrates (view my IG story to see) and it reminded me that it's not about inspiring ever dam follower you have, it's about reaching out to just one of you by showing the raw me.
The good and the bad.
The unsure and the glad. So here I am.
At a massive creative block, hoping to find some inspiration from an illustration 🖋✨ So tell me, if you have ever been at a creative block and what helped you to find your jive again?
#RealTalk #Creative #AlsoThisWatchThough { 🎥: @ashortgirlsworld }

After a stunning breakfast with my mom this morning, these two frikken COOTIES came running out of no where! 🐶 After a few failed attempts to squeeze him into my jacket, I got chatting to the owner of Afripaw 🐾 Basically Afripaw is local shelter that looks after abandoned puppies and educate the community on K9 healthcare.
Coming from a family where my dad was the Chef Inspector of the SPCA throughout my childhood to now both parents running their own Snake & Reptile rehabilitation center (@traceybodington) I have and always will have, most of my heart reserved for animals 🐶🐸🦁🐼🐨🐱 So please if you are looking for a companion, click the link in my bio and see who you could possibly add to your family ✨

#adoptdontshop #puppies #happycandice #doglovers

BOOM BABY! The final day of my gut cleanse is here friends! ⚡️The last 48 hours have been friken cray and I'm not going to suga coat it (man I love a good pun) From suffering from a mad head ache over the last day to feeling like a pregos women with my loo visits, it's been real 😂

BUT it has also reminded me how I haven't been giving it my all to look after my temple of a body 🙌🏼 So here's to nourishing my body with more wholesome foods 🌿🥑 Have you been slaking on your greens or whole-foods? If so take the challenge with me to get nourished AF!
#realfood #wholefoods #guthealth @rootbarsa & @faithfultonature

Found a bunch of frikken babes at the #wellnesswithzando event this morning ✨Follow along on my IG story for some sneaky peaks ✌🏼#foodie #wellness #zando @wellnesswarehouse

Made some super moody autumn steel oats this morning curtesy of @woolworths_sa ✨✌🏼Topped with a nana, hemp seeds, @mind_muesli & @ohmega_nutbutters 🤤 { Hard tack from @countryroad Threads from }
#breakfastinbed #autumnfood #oats

Waking up to nothing but stillness & coffee over the last few days has been all kinds of magic 🙌🏼☕️✨ Didn't catch much of my trip as I chose to rather spend quality time with friends 🌲🥓🍳🍺🍪But if you are curious head over to my IG story for the few snippets I did manage to catch 🎥✌🏼#weekendaway #swellemdam #countryside #ootd

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