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CanallezEDC  🇩🇰 ( all pictures are my own ) ✌🏼

This will be my last entry in the GAW. Once again congrats to Jens for his amazing number of followers. And I must say, it’s been fun to participate. This picture with the iron curtain backdrop and V3 carabiner was taken at Amager Bio concert venue in Copenhagen. Good luck to all contestants. #aod34k @anso_of_denmark

The V3 carabiner! Vesterbro - Copenhagen- Denmark - 🇩🇰. @anso_of_denmark #aod34k

The Böker Cox and Copenhagen. Goes well together I think.
@anso_of_denmark #aod34k 🇩🇰

#aod34k @anso_of_denmark The old Carlsberg brewery site has been leveled to the ground. But some young people started a community garden, growing hops for a small beer production on the site. Copenhagen ingenuity at its best. Find it at Campus Carlsberg, Vesterbro. I got the round “beer coaster” along with the #ansov3carabiner

#aod34k Nyhavn in Copenhagen 🇩🇰, maybe the most photographed place in all of Denmark. A little cliche, I know, but hey, a little cliche never hurt anyone. My mother in law actually lives here, and I just dropped my kid off at her place for the day, and took the opportunity to get a shot or two of the Böker Cox✌🏼. @anso_of_denmark

The Böker Cox and the V3 anso carabiner chillin’ together in beautiful Copenhagen. 🇩🇰 #aod34k @anso_of_denmark

Transform two discontinued grain silos into a state of the art apartment building, check ✅Transform a slap of Zirconium into the cool ass V3 carabiner, check ✅#danishdesign 🇩🇰. #aod34k @anso_of_denmark #ansocarabiner #copenhagen

My second entry in the GAW. Symbolizing LOVE, people has been hanging up padlocks on this Copenhagen bike bridge for some time now. But unlike Pont des Arts in Paris, the weight has not compromised the safety yet. And luckily the V3 Anso carabiner didn’t make the bridge collapse, even though it has been packed full of love. @anso_of_denmark #aod34k #bryggebroen

Great GAW from @anso_of_denmark. 34k followers!! Quite amazing amount of people tracking a guy form small Denmark 🇩🇰. #aod34k
Here you see the Böker Cox and the V3 Anso carabiner in zirconium. The background is showing a view over Amager in Copenhagen, Denmark. Previously known as Shit Island but now a very popular part of town. Love it. #bokercox #ansocarabiner

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