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Canadian Winter  We did not invent the wheel, but we did throw the snow chain on it. #TheSnowBeachPlayers


I spent a year tracking down a copy of 'Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai' - The Tuareg remake of 'Purple Rain'. There is no Tuareg word for 'purple', so it's actually called 'Rain The Color Of Blue With A Little Red In It'. Watching it tonight to mark the anniversary of The GOAT's passing. Also keen to see the Tuareg version of Morris Day and The Time perform 'Desert Love' #ripprince #paisleypark #mdoumoctar ☔️🏍🎸

Out in #MTL posing for Blue Notes Records covers, and I ain't een know it. Taken by @nadiagdonuts #LiveFromTheHonoréBeaugrandLine #ralphlaurenbluelabel #polocountry #denimandsupply

The Greatest Weekend Reading Material - Muhammad Ali by Sybille Titeux & Amazing Amezaine #books #graphicnovel ✊🏿🥊

Our homie, and one of #HamOnt's premiere young Black artists - @mouthfullofstars - spent 2016 honouring some of the people who have embodied Black Excellence in the 20th and 21st century, with her 'Duodecim Vestimentum' project. 12 T-shirts in 12 months! On Jan 13th you'll be able see the entire collection, at #Centre3, then get on down at the dance party at @this_aint_hollywood! Do whatever you have to do to be there! #thestylo12 #artcrawl ✊🏿🎨

This year in 'Mystery Homemade Xmas Cheesecake': Avocado and Lime! 🥑🍈🧀🎂

#Montreal! We're out here eating duck confit before 10AM like Medieval lords. Come hang with us and The Marshens tonight at #MBar! cc: @jaybaggett, @exhibit_she, @haolinmunk, @dj_close, @kedmusic

Racing the sunrise. 5AM in Napanee w/ @dj_close @beatsandbacon #OohLaLaPartDeux

Back at it at @this_aint_hollywood, tonight with #TheFunkUnderground. The world has lost some icons since we last took the stage. Tonight, we're paying homage... Poster by the inimitable @mdjelly #LiveMusic #hiphop #poster #showbill #design #HamOnt

Unlimited salutes to @rachelgreenyo @ @shopbodega for lacing me with this fuego on the humble! @madthriftz - my bad, fam. You know how it goes in this thing of ours. Cc: @dallas_penn - you need to come and fux with us on a dig next time you reach up here! #poloski #poloracing #polo92 #poloralphlauren #prl #bluelabel #classic #HamOnt

Last night's screening took me all the way back in time. In Spring 2007, I was deep into a journalism course, when news broke that Prince had decided to play a residency at the o2 arena in London. From the moment I saw the billboard, I knew that I had to write something about this momentous occasion. Several conversations with national newspaper editors and venue executives later, I found myself in the media box at 7:30 PM, on August 1st. I had to pinch myself a few times that evening. I wouldn't have been surprised to find out that it had all been some complex, lucid dream, but the alarm never went off. When the lights went down and the opening notes of 'Purple Rain' rang out across the arena, I knew it was real. When The Man himself emerged from a trap door in the stage, promising he'd never meant to cause us any sorrow, I felt like every 'No' and rejection email I'd ever had to open had been worth it. To this day, it's undoubtedly the greatest musical experience I've witnessed. Thanks for inspiring me to push the line further than I'd ever pushed it before. @Prince. You will be missed. #PrinceRIP #EarthTour #21Nights #PurpleRain

#Repost from @jfromlaced Woke up to some news that messed up my day. #RestInPower to Phife Dog.

I picked up the first 'Aya' trade paperback in '08 and loved it. Heard they made a film, but never caught it. The latest volume arrived in the mail today. Salute to Marguerite Abouet and Clément Oubrerie for continuing the stellar work. #CôtedIvoire #BandesDessinès #GraphicNovel #Comics

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