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Breakdance going wrong #canadablacktv #viral

STM agent at work 😳😪#canadablacktv

MTL Stm smackdown get full story in the comment section #3sideofcrazy

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Passerby shovelling snow severely injured after Montreal police chase #canadablacktv

Tim Hortons customers fight, hair is being pulled 😳#Toronto #canadablacktv

Woman gets brutally stopped for window shopping at IGA😳🤦‍♀️#canadablacktv

Montreal road rage ,Tempers run high out on the road #canadablacktv

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You're legally blind now🔁👀Your enemies, haunt you everywhere you go🤣🤣

Full story _________________________________The driver texted Django to let him know that he had to give a lift to a guy that owe him money.On the road back from Saint sauveur to Montreal look how they plotted to do him dirty...🤣🤣🤣#regularpedestrian #canadablacktv #Ontheroadtoriches

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