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Cameron Markel  🔥Flipper🔥 • 🔥 Preschool graduate 🔥 🌴11🌴

I am really bored and haven't done anything and have no clips to edit so if anyone wants me to edit something for them or make a promo or anything feel free🌴💜

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted forever it's just I haven't felt as motivated because I haven't done crap for new tricks but hopefully soon I'll go for somthing big and start being motivated to post❤️

I miss the gt games 😔❤️ my next edit will be best of GT games

Without a doubt the best feeling ever❤️ lol but for real that hurt a lot but I'm going to get revenge on this trick hopefully soon!🔥💪🏻 @nick_blain14 @josh_moutinho10 @phoenix.london @jtricking9 @thomas_.manuel @angelo.flipsss @n_pavlakos_ #trampnation #fail #repost #gtramp #triplebackflip #triplebackflipfail #rip

I'm so hype because I'm for sure going to the GT games with @jtricking9 and it is on July 16 - July 17 In Escondido!!! Can't wait to go🔥 @gregroetrampoline @skyboundtrampolines #gtgames

Yesssss soooooo excited!!!!! I'm probably going to go just need to find the flights☺️😱🔥@gregroetrampoline @skyboundtrampolines #gtgames

Havent posted in a long time so I`m going o post this raw. Expect more posts during the summer❤️ @jtricking9 @sprintuniverse @tonyjcollar

Super sick sesh with @jtricking9 @_orangutan_me_ and @cole_nevalainen and i did TRIPLE BACK!!! and a bunch of other sick new learns ❤️🔥😊 Pleasee watch till end for triple @sprintuniverse @tonyjcollar @elijah_hughes16 @rammy_ig @ren_ren_1000 /////// #repost #tripleback #flips #trick #tricklevel #flippingfeed #mtfunderrated #diditforciara #follow

Welp I am retarded af... i realized that the old one got half of it cut off :( Anyways this is my first real edit i spent actual time on so it would mean alot to get feedback❤️// #flippingfeed #tricklevel #mtfunderrated #flip// @jtricking9 @tonyjcollar @josh_moutinho10 @sprintuniverse @nick_blain14 @joel.flips @ren_ren_1000 @jakethay3r @skylargugenberger @thomas_.manuel @_ijoshz @juliendawans @lillatchjr @_orangutan_me_ 🌴😍🏝😍

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