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Camren Bicondova  Artist. Human. Currently on @gothamonfox ||

-When your song comes on in the club
-when my friends give me the aux cord

Turned my poem into a bleeping movie. I give you, Breathless. (MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA)

Our last #NYCC... 😩 So excited! Catch the #Gotham panel on Sunday, October 7th at 11:00 AM @HuluTheaterMSG.


Global Citizen, ya’ll. September 29th. Central Park, NY. Take some action to make a small change in the world, and earn free tickets in the process. Link in bio.
Filmed @refinery29’s #29Rooms by @shatterbox x @tntdrama —filming/audio additions by me.

I keep changing this dang caption cause there’s so much emotional attachment I have to this music video... if you haven’t watched it, watch it. ‘Enjoy The Ride’ by @krewella on YouTube. Directed by @ktanch and choreographed by Richard Jackson. Beautiful and heartbreaking and relatable all at once. 19 year old Camren is reaaaaaaal proud of the girl in the video. Actually can’t stop watching it cause it just makes me smile. HAHAAAAAAAAAA

No excuses.

To those we lost, those who fought, and those who have stacked the building blocks to mend this city’s broken heart... You will Never Be Forgotten.

Honestly, mood

“’s All that I Think that I Am...” 😩🙌🏽 You live what you know, so living a sober lifestyle when all you know is the opposite is the HARDest thing anyone can do. Know that you are talented and intelligent and worth WAY more than you think. Thank you @redtabletalk / @jadapinkettsmith for providing a space for conversations such as this one to occur. And thank you @augustalsina for being so transparent about your journey. 🙏🏽✨ ____________________________________
(The original clip is longer—you can find it on any one of the pages tagged above ❤️)

A look into what my rehearsal day was for the stage appearance I had for @glblctzn last year. MAN I’m proud of how far that girl has come. So SO thankful and so SO excited to be a co-host this year. September 29th, ya’ll. If you haven’t already, click the link in my bio.

My literal favorite book of my life (so far). Full of imagery and humor, complex words and fun. All around a great read and someday...ONE DAY I will play Stargirl in this book-to-film adaptation. One day.

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