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Camren Bicondova  Artist. Human. Currently on @gothamonfox

This will never get old to me. Frickin blessed yo

As I sit here
in the window seat
of a train headed to LA.
Watching the ocean waving
goodbye and hello,
because really the two are the same...
i ponder on how much love I have in my life.
Not only in me, but for me.
And for that, I am thankful.
Here’s to 19.
Another year, and the rest of my life, to be treated with
Loyalty, and
Grace. 🌙

My Family.
This photo was taken at the last tableread of Season Four.

This show has been such a blessing to me. A rock in the worst times and a door to so many unbelievable opportunities. I’m thankful for it in all aspects. I’m thankful for our Executive Producers @dannyjohncannon, John Stevens, Bruno Heller for my inclusion in this show, and the continuous belief in my abilities in playing the GLORIOUS Selina Kyle. Thank you, Danny and Bruno, for believing in that 14 year old girl who jumped off a chair in that fancy theatre on the Warner Brothers lot. I’m thankful for @foxtv and @warnerbrostv for providing a foundation for a beautiful, unique show like ours. I’m thankful for the amazing group of people that make up our Crew; because, ultimately, we wouldn’t have a show without them. I am thankful for the cast. Over the last 4 years, we have become a Family of Choice. Which, in my opinion, is the best kind of family because like the name states, we’ve chosen each other. Work isn’t work on our set, to me. It’s Family Time. And yes, it can be stressful because our days are typically 14 hours long but—there’s never a dull moment. And I’m so excited Gotham gets another handful of time filled with vivid moments through Season 5. Tune into the Fourth Season Finale, Tonight. 8pm.


Watch GOTHAM on 5/10. 8pm.

San Fran!
I’m gonna be in your area June 9th and 10th for @SanFranciscoComicCon! I hope to see you theeeeeeere 😊

I edited this to Where This Flower Blooms 😂

more to come. (1.1)

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