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Campoli Presti  Upcoming exhibitions: Rochelle Feinstein in London | Carte Blanche with Liz Deschenes, Jean Prouvé, Cheyney Thompson at Galerie Patrick Seguin London

Save the date, Sunday 30th September from 5.30 to 7.30 pm, we will open Rochelle Feinstein’s solo exhibition ‘Rainbow Room / The Year in Hate’ in our London gallery. Above is a new painting based on images of Italian boxing matches from 1938 to 1946 #rochellefeinstein #campolipresti #london #painting

Final days of Fernanda Laguna’s exhibition in London, it runs until this Sunday 16th September #fernandalaguna #campolipresti #niunamenos #london

On Sunday 30th September, we will open a solo exhibition ‘Rainbow Room / The Year in Hate’ by Rochelle Feinstein from 5.30 to 7.30 pm in London.
Image: Rochelle Feinstein, Shitstorm Rainbow, 2018 / Acrylic on canvas / 152.4 x 147.3 cm / 60 x 58 inches #rochellefeinstein #campolipresti #painting #london

Carte Blanche to Campoli Presti with Liz Deschenes, Jean Prouvé and Cheyney Thompson at Galerie Patrick Seguin, London opening on Tuesday 2nd October from 6 to 8 pm
Image: Immeuble d’habitation, Conakry, Atelier LWD arch.,1953.
Brise-soleil designed by Jean Prouvé
#lizdeschenes #cheyneythompson #CPArtists #campolipresti #jeanprouvé #galeriepatrickseguin #london

Viewing Room: Isabelle, 2013 by Jutta Koether. The artist is currently the object of a solo survey exhibition @museumbrandhorst until 21 October which will be travelling to @mudamlux #juttakoether #campolipresti #CPartists

Flash back to Amy Sillman's first show in Paris with the gallery in 2012. We are looking forward to the artist's solo exhibition in September at the Camden Arts Center, London #amysillman #CPartists #campolipresti #CParchive #paris #flashback

Cheyney Thompson's solo presentation at Villa di Geggiano in Siena is running until 14th October if you happen to be in Tuscany this summer. Above is StochasticProcessPainting, 2018. #cheyneythompson #CPartists #campolipresti #villageggiano #siena #StochasticProcessPainting

Here are installation views of Rochelle Feinstein’s solo exhibition @kunsthausbaselland this Spring. Her next major retrospective is @bronxmuseum opening in November 2018. #rochellefeinstein #kunsthausbaselland #basel #campolipresti

Rochelle Feinstein’s first solo exhibition with the gallery is opening on Sunday 30th September in London from 5.30 to 7.30 pm. Feinstein will combine two mirroring propositions, Rainbow Room and The Year in Hate, to explore the dysfunctional relationships between language, perception, and constructed meanings. #rochellefeinstein #campolipresti #autumnseason #london

[...] This was a new way of thinking about painting to me: painting as terrain. [...] Soon I was creating many works, each inspired by this new understanding of painting. I developed a method of casting paint in layers – or strata. After the first shows of the work in New York and London, I wanted to push this idea farther. I wanted to push the drama of the scale shift from the micro-scene of the studio floor into a physically massive work. The viewer should feel as though they are floating above the field of the painting. I needed the work to have an intensely physical presence. I spent the summer of 2014 figuring out how to accomplish this. Finally, in late August, I was able to adhere a massive layer of cast paint onto a 9-foot canvas support. It took three people the next morning to lift the work and hang it on the wall for the first time. As I looked at the painting it felt as though I was in a balloon or drone scanning the surface of another planet. What kind of view was this? [...] Daniel Lefcourt’s writing on his Cast painting series #daniellefcourt #CPartists #campolipresti #castpaintings #terrain

Fernanda Laguna’s solo exhibition in London runs through the summer. « [...] Through the problems but also the pleasure that surrounds the medium of painting, Fernanda manages to impose a different itinerary from high to low art, master to amateur, adult and child, feminine and masculine [...]» Extract from Ines Dahn’s writing on the artist’s work #fernandalaguna #campolipresti #london #iwanttobeabinternationalartist #niunamenos

Viewing room by Nora Schultz : The work ‘tripod - 2 legs and 1 rail’ refers to Schultz’ performance Terminal + at the Tate Modern as part of the Performance Room series curated by Catherine Wood where Schultz plays the part of the protagonist stationed within the terminal, deconstructing its foam-lined interior, using sections of the foam to then print their folded shapes on the floor and walls of the room #noraschultz #CPartists #campolipresti #CPviewingroom #performance #catherinewood #tateperformance #tatemodern

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