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Osmosis Jones 


Family Matters. -thank you to everyone that came for the first CREWNIC(we’re gonna have to workshop that name) it was a lot of fun and I hope we can do it again!!

She made it fun❤️❤️

I know we don’t see eye to eye all the time, but we do agree on shit when it comes to being creative. You’re like a brother to me and even though sometimes I do want to bodycheck you into a dying star I do love you. We always a crew and we gone do fun shit for sure. You will be missed nikotine

I’m funny.

I like this America much more

First one I dropped a lot of ink. Old one. Second one just did from a reference of me, turned out ok. Last one is from two summers ago.

I like my drawings ⭐️


-Hats are trying to be made I’m real anxious to make em and I don’t wanna mess up
-I’m drawing again after newfound inspiration from @silvermender and @jun.inagawa -Reuben, Jamison and I are gonna do music videos, I just don’t know when
-Darrell runnin the shop(expect things from other crew members on there)
-Reuben is the next interview on the website
-crew is still intact, everyone jus busy
-This picture beautiful
-Listen to rain by SVW to calm your mind
-I Have secretive shit on camcorleone

I like how this came out.

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