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Osmosis Jones 

Happy Halloween. I’ll prolly do another Halloween drawing I can’t even lie

I’d say shit went pretty well up here.

I made a pumpkin me. Who’s gone check me for it. No one. Happy Halloween season

I been making a lot of stuff. I can’t keep a straight face when filming to save my life.

I found all these videos I made and wanted to go over em. Might as well post em all too.
1&2: Me doin a lil short film when @swansonstudio got their new cameras and stabilized and it was perfecto! In these videos are triple OG skater photographer @paulwegman and @tyler_ashlock the great. These two showed me a lot of shit and are a huge part of why I’ve made any other videos after these. Due to plane costs I haven’t been able to go back but I always want to go back
3. Cool asperitas clouds that have music playin over em. But still cool to me.
4. @nikowoodyear took a video of a raw video I shot and put a song by banes world on it. Top 5 prettiest videos
5. @reubenvincent and @vincepaperclips acting a damn fool. Whole video was shit over the course of one day over an icytwat song.
6. Same shit but different cutting. Is 5 or 6 better??🤔
7. Same day. ENTIRELY different editing style. It’s slower and in my mind it looks cooler to be perfectly honest.
8. Reuben and @astasiarodney trying to dance on cue, @jamisonspeller doin whatever the fuck, and Darrell Idek man.
9. My mood goin into this year.
10. Me runnin away from people to be creative.

It’s hot as fuck.


Family Matters. -thank you to everyone that came for the first CREWNIC(we’re gonna have to workshop that name) it was a lot of fun and I hope we can do it again!!

She made it fun❤️❤️

I like this America much more

First one I dropped a lot of ink. Old one. Second one just did from a reference of me, turned out ok. Last one is from two summers ago.

I like my drawings ⭐️

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