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Campagnolo Official  Welcome to the official Campagnolo Instagram profile. Campagnolo S.r.l. designs, produces and distributes high-end components for racing bikes.

The new #movement12 ergopower commands not only have new internals to shift effortlessly through 12 gears but have improved upon what was already the industry leading design in terms of ergonomy. Not merely fantastic shape and form of every detail to better fit the hand in every situation, but also CUSTOMIZEABLE ergonomics and performance. With a simple allen key the brake lever can be adjusted to the rider's preferred position in addition to modifying also the braking style and performance. Find out more here:

The movement of improving the cycling experience began with Tullio Campagnolo fashioning the first quick release to aid himself in his quest for victory. That quickly turned into a mission of creating that better cycling experience for others, from the professional ranks down. That very mission rings true to this very day. #movementbycampagnolo

Frame by Orbea , #movementbycampagnolo - The Spanish framemaker Orbea has always followed its own path and through the years has developed original and interesting solutions for the cyclist's performance needs. Their frames include both a unique design and powerful structure...and are made even faster and more powerful via Campagnolo components and wheels. Finish off your next Orbea frame with the Campagnolo's newest and most efficient drivetrain ever. More info here:

The new Movement12 groupsets are about a great deal more than just an additional gear. The added versatility is great but the increased control, improved ergonomics, custom ergonomics, immediate response and amazing precision...all with less effort required of the cyclist... makes for a cycling experience like none other. #movementbycampagnolo

Cycling is a sport full of movement. The Tool of the cyclist's trade is a bike, made up of a frame, a groupset and wheels. The best way to top off your frame is with Campagnolo's latest 12 speed transmission and the best way to get that built frame rolling is with the finest in carbon wheelworks available: Campagnolo Bora Ultra.
No need to change wheels as spacing for the 12 speed groupsets remains unchanged...simply remove your 11 speed cassette and build on your new movement 12 cassette.

Frame by @cicliderosa , #movementbycampagnolo - Perhaps one of the most heralded framebuilders of all time, the products coming from DeRosa's factory stood apart from the masses for their excruciating attention to detail. Such a precisely made frame can only be built with equally precise and beautiful components. Build your DeRosa with the industries finest transmission: Campagnolo Movement12

Campagnolo adds movement to the frame via fantastic transmisions and wheels. However, we also render the movement of the "engine" of the bike more efficient via an extensive performance apparel line. #movementbycampagnolo
See the collection here:

Frame by MCipollini , #movementbycampagnolo - Two Italian last names both famous for performance capable of standing out amongst the worlds best. One a frame manufacturer whose namesake evokes memories of some of the most powerful and significant sprint victories in cycling history and the other a component manufacturer whose goods are more than capable of offering solutions that make the difference even under the extreme force that Mario was capable of producing. Build your Cipollini frame with Campagnolo's latest and feel the quality of a pro ride.

Movement for Experts is created by paying attention to even the tiniest detail. Controlling the quality construction of the smallest of small parts and doing so in house for nearly everything we produce allows us to set the standard for #movementbycampagnolo. See the difference yourself here:

The shifting might be effortless in the new Movement12 groupsets but it certainly isnt afraid of effort. Push as hard as you need...shift under load...the gearing is as potent as it is precise. The components also confer a level of power transfer that puts every ounce of your energy towards forward movement...thanks to a stiffer crankset, a fantastic new chain and a rear derailleur that keeps that chain held closer to the cassette, gripping more teeth. #movementbycampagnolo
Find out more here:

Frame by Colnago - #movementbycampagnolo : Historic, Italian, Extremely Performance Oriented, Unquestionable Palmares: Descriptions that fit both Colnago and Campagnolo...and for the entirety of their history a great deal of their accomplishments were achieved together. Make sure your next Colnago is built with Campagnolo to ensure your next accomplishments on the road are done in the same way. Find out more here:

To gain a greater understanding of just what Campagnolo is all about one must undertake a complete Campagnolo Experience. More than just fantastically manufactured and designed componentry and wheels for cycling, Campagnolo is the product of an ideal, a culture and a mindset. Experience Campagnolo...take part in #thecampagnoloexperience with our friends from Thomson Bike Tours

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