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Bosco, Abe, and Abe’s homemade bib-o-drool. #babysgottalent ❤️

Dedicated an irresponsible chunk of the kids’ nap time today looking for this tangible picture of my baptism. Simon’s mom (my godmother) is holding me (future cougar) and is a few months pregnant with Simon. We didn’t grow up together but ten years ago today Simon sent me a Facebook message and the rest is history and marriage and babies and recorded in painstaking detail at the link in my profile to celebrate this very millennial milestone 👩🏼‍💻👨🏽‍💻❤️❤️🎉🎉 #howwemet #online #sortof

“Did you think I was a mom, Mom?!” #suredid

Had to snap a pic before I swooped in for the save and got Abe settled into a safer sleeping situation. #alliterationforamillionalex #505forever #somebodystopme

I know it’s a total parenting cliche to say, “he grew a foot overnight” but ... he did. Theo and his growth spurt decked for “fall colors day” at school 🍂🌿🍁 #florida 🎶 #knowshowtoparty 🎶

One of my good friends and college roommates just happens to live here in Tampa and one of her five daughters just happens to be in Julia’s class and is one of her best buds. As good old J.Lo says, “ain’t it funny?” #itisjlo #itis ❤️

Phoebe dee-stroyed the girls’ room so I told her to clean it up. She called me in five minutes later and I walked into a spotless room aside from this monstrosity. I especially appreciate the attempt to cover the crazy with a sheet. #clothingjenga

Phoebe teaching Bosco the fine art of sneaking a snack and hiding from Mom. #sosneaky #whatsnack 🤔

Rearranged this wall 25 times. Had to let it live in insta-infamy before I rearrange it 25 more🌪

I know I put this in my story but needed her to stay longer than 24 hours. 🏆// all hail, @macgyveringmom22

This girl is our most endearing handful to date but when one of her little brothers cries she tries comforting them by promising, “I’ll be your best of friend!” ❤️ #neverworks #trytryagain // @wholeparentinggoods is offering 10 of these handmade linen beauties (buyers choose size and fabric color 🎉) starting 10/7 at 2pm CST. I love the wooden button details and the fact that it’s made to last for years to come. Phoebe loves that it’s twirl friendly 💃🏼 #nelldoesitagain #whatcantshedo🤔 #swipetoseeanotherview🤓

Put Abe down to grab a diaper and he immediately started crying but when I came back around the corner Theo had come to his highness’s rescue ❤️👑

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