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Camp4Collective  We make films, commercials, and other motion picture goodness. Tag your soulful outdoor moments #camp4pix, we will share them.

In a culture that is steeped in the deepest of traditions, Tokyo Japan creates a unique environment for self expression. In our third chapter of the @jaybirdsport #RUNWILD series we follow the underground running crew, Athletics Far East (AFE), through the streets of downtown Tokyo. AFE proves that in the land where ‘the nail that sticks out gets hammered down’, action truly speaks louder than words; and running can be that outlet for creative expression. //
👉Link to full film in profile! #RunJapan #RunLono #RunAFE #RunCamp4 @timkemple @cheynelempe @scubastevie @danielltaff @lazerlegs @firstrun @afe_tokyo @lono3

When was the last time you went #allout to get the shot? Summiting Mount Washington with an FS700 and steadicam, #c4allout contest winner @caro.line.cote is no stranger to the adversities of adventure filmmaking. “This is one of these moments when you just feel perfectly good doing what you love to do and living your passions. I gave my everything to be able to take some shots of a team who dared to climb Mount Washington for their first time. The experience of following those people was quite a challenge  because I had to shoot with Sony FS700 and a steady cam. I thought at first it would be easy but it was quite a challenge at 4,000 ft!”
Thank you to everyone who shared their story. It takes a village to make what we do possible, so thank you for your continual stoke—it’s what makes these “type 2 fun” moments worth it. 👊

Getting an amazing shot doesn’t come without it’s challenges. It often requires more then your know-how to use a camera, or technical savviness. For us, it often demands an advanced level of physical challenge, partnered with a deep understanding of the landscape we’re in. Other times it means late nights with a tired crew in harsh weather, followed by outrageously early mornings. And on a few occasions it has meant being stranded on a glacier due to weather; drones taking a nose dive into the icy waters of Lake Michigan; broken ankles in the middle-of-nowehere Iceland; or swarms of bees attacking as we hang a few hundred feet off the ground with multiple cameras in hand. Going all out for the perfect shot asks something of you many are not willing to offer—your sleep, your body, your willingness, your vulnerability, your love and your grit. And that’s not even half of it.
👉 PHOTO CONTEST 👈 We want to hear about the time you went all out to get the shot! The person with the best story and/or shot will win a handful of awesome Camp4 Swag! Winner will be announced on Friday! >>>>How to enter<<<<
1) Post the incredible shot you went All Out to get
2) Tag @Camp4Collective 
3) Use #C4AllOut

#photochallenge #GoAllOut #camp4pix // PC: @timkemple @renanozturk @ansonfogel @irving_matthew

Photo by C4 friend @j.j.kelley // I’m just catching up from an amazing series of trips to the Pacific Northwest. That part of the world owns my heart and imagination—my happy place! These are a few of the memories that I’ll hold for some time. This crew and setting was absolute storybook perfect in my book. The story coming this fall on @natgeochannel #Explorer. #britishcolumbia #trees #forests #adventure 🙌🙌🙌 @tamarahilarygroves @yuklele

Wind, water and time. Lots of time. //
@savglas capturing the beauty and complexity of nature. Thanks for the #camp4pix submission!

The first rays of morning light hitting the Aiguille du Midi. //
Chamonix, France has been C4 Director Tim Kemple’s playground for the last month. Looking forward to seeing some amazing footage soon! 🙌🌄 #RUNWILD 📸: @timkemple

Running today is not what it once was. It’s not confined to a race track, or solely motivated by a finish line. Running has taken on many different forms and has captured the hearts of many different types of people around the world. To kick off our RUN WILD series with @jaybirdsport we headed to London to meet with the creator of the @run.dem.crew Charlie Dark. The RDC is a collective of people with a passion for running who meet up to run and explore the streets of London. Check out our latest video in the RUN WILD series and ask yourself: Do You Run? //
Link to full film in profile!
#RUNWILD #RunLondon #RunCharlie #RunDem #RunCamp4 @timkemple @kvnbnntt @danielltaff @lazerlegs @scubastevie @firstrun @daddydarkrdc

C4 Director @renan_ozturk looking back at Matterhorn Peak this past week while traversing the Sawtooth Range in the High Sierra. //
Any amount of time on a sharp ridge line is life at its best! 🙌🏔

If these walls could talk.
#southernutah #sandstone //
📸: @timkemple

There’s more than one way to fly. 🕊
@johnny__bones spreads his wings. #fromthearchives #camp4pix 📸: @renan_ozturk

The capture.
The rapture.
The peace.
The release.
Resume the scout. ‘Tis the season of the Trout. 🎣💦
Thanks for #camp4pix submission @benjamin_kraushaar !!

The epitome of hanging loose in Mallorca. 🤙
📸: @timkemple

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