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Camp4Collective  We make films, commercials, and other motion picture goodness. Tag your soulful outdoor moments #camp4pix, we will share them.

Us at the end of the week...
#barelyhangingon #fridaysbelike #camp4pix 📸: @timkemple

Earth has mood swings too. 🌪🌬
// Incredible image captured by #stormchaser @kellydelay
thanks for the #camp4pix submission!

Photo by C4 friend @j.j.kelley // On a Georgia shrimping boat fishing for a catch quite different than shrimp. An unexpected shift in the market is underway in the Peach State. The market shift came about after the previously desired species were fished down to reduced numbers. Now it’s the former pests—once by-catch in shrimper’s nets—that are the new target. The fishing industry in Georgia is flipped on its head; the story coming to @natgeochannel Explorer. Story correspondent @gelarehdarabi. #georgia #fishing #ocean @natgeo #natgeoexplorer

Today is #internationalwomensday so we found it appropriate to honor the women of Camp4 who keep our heads on straight, our goals in check and our hearts full. Whether they are braving the freezing temps of the arctic; or the depths of the ocean; or the extraordinary task of motherhood, they have shown us what true grit and tenacity are all about. #stillshegoes #womenofcamp4

There was a lot of trial and error for our recent shoot over Bears Ears National Monument. In order for the ultra light trike to fly, it needs to be just that—light. Which is a challenge with a pilot, passenger and camera equipment. But luckily with expert tech gurus and rigging we were able to get the @shotovercamera G1 camera in the air to get aerial footage of Bears Ears like nothing seen before. 🏜
Check out the link in our bio for our #bts take on the shoot!

If you follow Camp4, then you're likely well acquainted with the beauty of Patagonia. Like us, many of you dream of climbing the tall granite spires that only let a special few safe passage each year.
But there is also an entire depth of wilderness in Patagonia that legendary Doug Tompkins and his wife have dedicated their lives to preserving, thus creating the @tompkins_conservation. Over the past 25 years, they have purchased and developed more than 13 million acres of protected national parks.

As Director of Photography, Camp4's Renan Ozturk joined Chris Burkard and team in Patagonia to uncover the region’s majestic wilderness from an aerial perspective using the new @djiglobal Mavic Air. To say they were as impressed with the technology as the landscape itself is a fair statement. // 👉Check the link in our profile for the video! . #justanotherreasontogo #conservation #camp4pix // 📸 @renan_ozturk

Now that’s a hog. 🐟
In order to make a successful fishing film, you need to catch some fish. 🎣Luckily we had the boys from @badfish to help make it happen! Check out Columbia Sportswear’s latest film: “How to Make a Fishing Film” by clicking the link in our bio! 👉🎥

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. // words: Robert Davies // photo: @ansonfogel #camp4archives #beatdown

Taking your first big job as lead photographer is a scary thing. But you have to make the leap at some point if you want to follow your dreams! //
Thanks for the #camp4pix submission @freyadowson

When in the city for a long stretch of time, it’s good to get boosted up to thinner air to take a break from it all. 🌬🚀
📷: @renan_ozturk

Kootenay Light last week from c4 director @ansonfogel @baldfacelodge @baldisbeautiful

C4 director @ansonfogel here. One of my favorite places in the world sits nestled in remote mountains in southern BC - @baldfacelodge. I’ve never had more consistent powder slippin anywhere else in the world. And the light there for filming is like no other. @baldisbeautiful started this on a shoestring nearly 20 Years ago and it has grown into a community many of us are lucky enough to call family. Thanks JP and everyone else who works so hard to keep that magic alive. #sfd. #notasponsoredpost

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