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Camp4Collective  We make films, commercials, and other motion picture goodness. Tag your soulful outdoor moments #camp4pix, we will share them.

There is a perfect medium to tell every story—whether it’s video, photography or print. We got to break the mold of our go-to mediums for our latest project with @merrell and craft a one of a kind journal. We were stoked to finally get to collaborate with talented designer @yonickhansen and exquisite writer @alexandrafuller, and last but not least @scubastevie who helped bring it to life. //
We hope these journals hit your mailbox soon! 📬 🗣And shout out to C4 Creative Director @timkemple for the vision 🙌

The ocean, the sand, and the sun are a few elements that come to mind when you think of surfing. But for surfer Dan, he doesn’t need the ocean, or the beach, or the primo weather. He finds all that he needs in the icy waves of Lake Superior Michigan in the dead of winter. It’s quite possibly the most unattractive surfing destination in the world. But with a shift of perspective comes a change of thought on what sending temps are. 🌊🏄🏻‍♂️
Thank to @merrell for giving us the opportunity to tell this story 🙏

In a time when it can feel like you need to fly to the opposite side of the globe to find adventure and challenge, Surfer Dan proves that with dedication, grit and a little creativity you might already have all you need outside your own backdoor. //
New film dropped this week! Click link in profile 👉

Photo by C4 friend @j.j.kelley // A mother baboon leaps across a stream with her newborn safely stowed away. These are the moments when I’m happiest. I love sleep (who doesn’t), but the early mornings when I drag myself out of bed to watch the world come alive are my favorite days in life. The transition from morning stillness to the midday chaos that awaits is the most magical part of the day. This is one I will cherish. @natgeo @bushcampcompany #zambia #baboon #baby #firstlight

Bluebird weather is overrated. ☁️🌬⚡️
Thanks for #camp4pix submission @elisabethontheroad 👊

C4 co-founder @renan_ozturk here - The third piece @taylorfreesolo directed for @thenorthface is live! Love @hilareenelson and the deep insight she shares in this interview about navigating the expedition space from a woman’s perspective. See @thenorthface youtube for the full video~

Also be sure to follow her current expedition with @jimwmorrison that is underway to ski the fabled Lhoste couloir in Nepal! ~ @thecameradivision @pat.patrol @clubhouseslc

Kristin here from Camp4! As a woman working at Camp4 Collective; and as a climber and splitboarder I am often surrounded by dudes. While I value my relationships with my male co-workers and friends, experiencing the outdoors with women, for me, has always provided a higher level of quality and performance that is hard to come by. The fusion of femininity and pushing yourself creates an electrifying energy. It’s difficult to describe, but its the vibe, conversation, freedom, laughter and the cake at the end of a hard day all melded into one. It’s a whole experience — and if you’ve felt it, you’ll never forget it.
In our fourth chapter of our #RUNWILD series with @jaybirdsport we explore Chamonix’s beautiful and yet challenging landscape through the eyes and hearts of three badass women. 🏃🏻‍♀️Link to full length film in profile 🙌
#RunChamonix #RunRory #RunMartina #RunFernanda #RunCamp4 @timkemple @davidcleeland @wadedunstan @danielltaff @lazerlegs @rorybosio @fernandamaciel_oficial @martiskka

Photos by C4 Director @renan_ozturk // “In a world that is often so divided and chaotic, seeing the world from above gives me hope. It makes me realize just how connected we are in this tiny sphere within the universe” - photographer and ultralight trike pilot Chris Dahl-Bredine @shotsfromabove. ~

It gives me hope too, thinking about @shotsfromabove’s passion to take his calling for flying on the road some day with his wife and daughter and use it help tell cultural and conservation stories around the globe. And I think he can do it. Not because he has a sexy experimental aircraft that gives you the capacity to capture mind blowing aerial images are pure social media crack.... It’s because he is the guy in the room not on instagram, but the one paving the way and having a present and giving interaction with the locals in any situation. ~

Photo by C4 friend @j.j.kelley // These human towers, or castells in Catalan, have become a symbol of Catalonia for greater autonomy. Some towers can reach heights of 48 feet, incorporating hundreds of team members! Children as young as four years old climb to the very top. Broken bones are common and deaths have occurred. This is one of the smaller towers we watched today. Larger ones came tumbling down, and people walked away injured, crying and hurt. That said, the passion I experienced here is like no other event I’ve ever seen before. #castellers #vilafranca #spain #wow

Not all of our shoots are located in remote, alpine settings. Check out our latest story for some behind the scenes of our latest shoot in New York City! 🏔➡️🌇
#nyc #bts #RUNWILD #movipro @reddigitalcinema @timkemple @kvnbnntt // 📸C4 intern @kendall_sweeney

Spires and mountains and alpenglow oh my! 😲 Chamonix offering up the goods on our recent shoot for our #RUNWILD series 🙌
📸: @timkemple

In a culture that is steeped in the deepest of traditions, Tokyo Japan creates a unique environment for self expression. In our third chapter of the @jaybirdsport #RUNWILD series we follow the underground running crew, Athletics Far East (AFE), through the streets of downtown Tokyo. AFE proves that in the land where ‘the nail that sticks out gets hammered down’, action truly speaks louder than words; and running can be that outlet for creative expression. //
👉Link to full film in profile! #RunJapan #RunLono #RunAFE #RunCamp4 @timkemple @cheynelempe @scubastevie @danielltaff @lazerlegs @firstrun @afe_tokyo @lono3

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