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Cammie Jo  Worshipper. Dragon Mother. Aunt of 20. Girlfriend of @themessej. Loser of 125lbs. Living my best life.

Transparency Post- picture on the left is a good example of what people see me as on a daily basis. But the picture on the right is what I see myself as on a daily basis. Excess skin is no joke. It’s heavy, it’s ugly, and you get a round of applause everywhere you go because it claps against your body. Yeah I try and wear tighter clothes underneath of my regular clothes to compress it. It helps some but not completely. And even though I hate having all of this extra skin, it’s a reminder. It’s a reminder of this extremely long journey that I have been on and how I can never allow myself to be the person I was before. I’ll get it removed one day, because unfortunately the only way to remove this much extra skin is through surgery, which is an out of pocket expense. But as for me I want to have kids first and I don’t really see a point in getting all the stomach muscles tightened up and skin removed if it’s just going to be all stretch back out again one day. So this is my life for now and I’m okay with it. I’m thankful because it shows that I’m not where I want to be but it shows how far I’ve come and I’m not where I used to be. •

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8 years ago, I was depressed and sad.
8 years ago, I cried myself to sleep every night.
8 years ago, I was more interested in boys and drinking than I was with anything else.
8 years ago, I was more interested in dying than living.
8 yeas ago, Jesus found me in my broken state.
8 years ago, Jesus told me that he has my back.
8 years ago, Jesus healed me from my depression and suffering.
8 years ago, Jesus saved me from myself.
8 years ago, I made the best decision of my life, and that was me giving myself to Christ. Seeing where he has brought me, still drops my jaw in awe.
I am thankful for his GRACE, LOVE, and MERCY. I don’t deserve it but he loves me anyway. There’s nothing I can do to earn forgiveness, but he forgives me anyway.
8 hard, trying, and tempting years have passed since the day the Lord found me. But every struggle and trial served it’s purpose and a lesson was learned from EVERY single storm.
Happy 8 years, Jesus. I thank you for your sweet and unconditional love wrapped in forgiveness and overwhelming mercy. ❤️•

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When does your “eventually” eventually happen? Cause pretty soon, your “eventually” will be too late. This is what I always had to tell myself during this journey. ——————————————————-
Found this picture on the left from December 2016. My jaw dropped in shock cause I know I was big before but I mean.....this picture puts it into a whole different perspective. I can’t even believe I let myself become like that. Smh. But I’m thankful for change and thankful for my health. I’m thankful for this change that allows me to live longer and hopefully one day be a mother to Jesse’s and my children that can run around with them and not worry about dying if a heart attack. 283lbs to 160-164lbs (depending on the time of the month). #weightloss #weightlossjourney #wls #weightlosstransformation #beforeandafter #fattofit #goals#health#fitness #inspiration #motivation

➡️Swipe to watch his reaction ➡️ The last month and a half of planning and stressing over trying to throw Jesse, @themessej, a surprise party was totally worth it. He had NO idea. You can see his reaction in the video lol. Thank you to everyone who came.
I wanna give a shoutout to Jesse’s mom, Milady, and @sugelcruz for cooking and to @Jatanee for saving me money by providing party supplies. I wanna give an even bigger shoutout to @lowki_cu2 for being the co-planner and helping me roleplay to get Jesse to not know what was happening.
Happy birthday, again, my love ❤️ I’m glad you enjoyed your day. I love you. 💕 #birthdayboy #mylove #happybirthday #bae #foreverandalways

What I love about traveling is catching up with good friends over food, coffee, and laughter. ❤️ #cufilove


Grateful for friendships like these ❤️ Maria is such a beautiful woman who I adore. #CUFIFriends #FriendsForLife #womensupportingwomen

Waiting for more sunny days amongst all the rain.

Sometimes the most candid moments can be beautiful, like this sunset.

For those who always talk about how I’m obsessed with random animals like snakes, frogs, and my own bearded dragon....I was walking in the parking lot with Adeeba and this squirrel just comes right across the parking lot so i get down and reach out to touch it (cause I’m a sucker for fluffy tails and my “he might have rabies” alarm never goes off) and it comes right up to my feet and gives me these BIG ol’ beady eyes. So I reached to give him chips and sure enough he takes it and then comes back for more lol you can call me Snow White 😁 #squirrel #snowwhite #obsessed

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom who raised three girls that weren’t even her biological children. Even though the I’m not blood related to my mother, she is the true definition of what being a real mother embodies. She adopted me and loved me unconditionally. She raised us to love others and treat others with respect. I would be so lost without her and I am BLESSED to have a mom like her. No one else deserves the title to be called my mother, except for Helen Wires. Taylor, Christy, and I love you so much mom. #MothersDay #Blessed #adopted #RaisedByTheBest #beautiful #Family

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