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The Harp Twins  • Identical twins • Electric & Acoustic Rock Harp Duo • Composers / Arrangers • Actors • ⬇️ New Video: “Naughty Nisse”!⬇️

Let us tell you a Jultime story! ❄️🎄🕯 NAUGHTY NISSE is our own original Nordic Jul story about a mysterious and possibly mischievous mythical Norwegian Nisse. We hope you enjoy our heart-felt Jul tale about family, love, and the spirit of giving. God Jul! ✨Tap the link in our profile to watch!✨

New video! NAUGHTY NISSE !! Tap the link in our profile to watch! ✨
This Christmas / Jul season, we hope you enjoy an original story that we wrote and set to our original music! Our story is about a mysterious and possibly mischievous mythical Norwegian Nisse. We thought it would be fitting to release this story on Santa Lucia Day, which is the start of the Christmas season in Scandinavia. 🕯❄️🎄
Like our other original works, this story and music pay homage to our Scandinavian heritage. Some of our Norwegian ancestors lived both north and south of the Arctic Circle in Norway, and Jul traditions are an important part of the darkest time of the year.

Happy Santa Lucia Day! 🕯🕯 Our Mom altered little Santa Lucia figures to recreate our Winter Lights album cover! So cute!! She even gave them little candles! #Norwegian #SantaLuciaDay
Autographed Winter Lights and other merch here: 🎁❄️🎄

Can you feel it? Jul is coming! ✨🎄❄️

It’s the perfect time to enjoy our first-ever Christmas album, WINTER LIGHTS! 🕯🌲❄️ Stream it, download it, or purchase the physical CD! It’s under the artist name “Camille and Kennerly” on Spotify, iTunes Amazon, Google Play and CD Baby!

You can also get the album and album bundles autographed for a limited time! (Link in profile) 🎁

WOW! Thank you for an incredible year on Spotify! We didn’t spend much time this year suggesting our community listen to our music on Spotify so we especially appreciate the beyond incredible support! We plan to spend lots more time having fun on Spotify in 2019 and we hope you’ll join us! 💗💗
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Just announced!✨ We will be performing at Cherry Capital Comic Con on May 25 & 26 in Traverse City, Michigan! We’re excited for our first year performing at this con!

Head over to our Facebook page and click “going” or “interested” in our “events” to get updates and concert times closer to the con! Excited to return to Michigan in 2019!

Oooo! Stollen all the way from Germany! Thanks for sharing your country’s treats with us, Michael N! 💙💙 (There was chocolate, too, but it didn’t make it long enough to get into the photo 😂😂)

Taking a rehearsal break to sign some more cards for orders going out tomorrow! 🎄❄️✨ Tap the link in our profile to grab your Harp Twins merch and get a free Christmas card from us! 🎁

Freshly pulled candy canes! They were still warm! The first ones were presented to Santa Lucia at the festival. Such a fun Christmas walk with our brother! 🎄❄️✨

Enjoy our YouTube playlist of Christmas and festive music! The holidays and harps just go together! 🎄❄️😍 Tap the Link in our bio to watch and/or listen!

His Royal Highness Grayling always manages to be the center of everything. 😹😹 Trying to take a thank you photo of these lovely necklaces from a fan. We’re not sure who sent them because there wasn’t a name on the parcel, but Grayling approves! 💙💙 Happy #Caturday everyone!