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CAMILLA PIHL  Founder of award winnning skincare brand SKIN CAMILLA PIHL. @skincamillapihl Norways most award winning Influencer, jewlery designer @david_andersen

Back home visiting my mum and taking in som fresh air in the beautiful surroundings! 🌼You can join me on my walk in my instastory for some big city escape if you like!

Me on pinterest trying to decide if I should grow out my hair again or cut it shorter? Or maybe some long bangs? Or maybe keep it as if? 🤔 The struggle is real! Need help! ☺️🙏🏻💋 #camillapihl #camillapihlshair

I'm and inspiration addict and every day I find so much cool stuff on the net! I've shared my Top 5 inspo this week on today. Crossing my fingers that they can inspire you as well!💋
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/Annonse / Psst! Huden din trenger fuktighet i sommersolen ! ☀️I dag mellom klokken 20.00 og 00.00 er det 40% avslag på alle ansiktsmasker fra #skincamillapihl hos @vita_no ! ❤️ Share the love! ❤️ #camillapihl

A dream doesn't become reality through magic. ✨Working overtime as always and loving (and sometimes) hating it! 💖 🌼 #camillapihl

Today's selfcare tip! 🌿Give your feet a little treat! We have the best recipie on a detoxifing footh bath that makes your feet silky smooth as well! It's up on 💋 #camillapihlno #camillapihl

Still one of my favorite pieces! The grateful medallion from my own #camillapihlbydavidandersen is always around my neck! 🙏🏻 Å sweet reminder that there is always something to be grateful for! Always!Available @david_andersen #camillapihl

Psst... I'm sharing how to give your pictures that retro seventies vibe on today
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Inhale peace / exhale stress 🐚🌊✨ #camillapihl

Things I like. Big flowy pants in the summer. Especially the one that I wear in this months @costumenorge magazines!#camillapihl

God morgen fine folk! 🌸 er oppdatert med en liste med fine tips på hvordan du kan gi deg selv en ekstra fin uke! 🐚✨🌿 #camillapihl

Note Self. Remember that fresh air and a litte time out from the city always does good! -And cake! 🎂 #camillapihl