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Camila  Slytherin Los Angeles, CA I spend my money on moments 🤘🏼🐹💕🌴✈️🌼📽 • 🌎5/197

Buddy ❤️🐶 #puppy #dog #

“From my mouth to yours, I like you” #drainyou #nirvana #art #kurtcobain

When your nails goes with your favorite albums 😂 thank you @kissnypro and @influenster for making me look so fancy and yet stylish with those! (They DO look real, um truly impressed). Can’t wait to test everything else

I’d like to put a nice caption but I can’t think about anything but “sh*t I love them so hard” #defleppard

Queria dizer que minha ficha tá começando a cair do que aconteceu nesse dia 💕 haha fotos bonitinhas ❣️ #caljam2018 #caljam #foofighters #nirvana #bestdayever

Once I was asked what I would do if I knew I only had five more minutes to live; I replied that I would listen to Nirvana's All Apologies for the last time. I always say that we can’t judge the pains and passion of others because people feel in different ways, and what makes my heart beat stronger means nothing to you. I knew I would see the original Nirvana members because Krist composed a Foo Fighters song and for me that would be the high point of life. Never, never in a multitude of lives or parallel universe I would imagine listening to Nirvana live, for real. The first 2 seconds of Serve the Servants, my favorite song of all the songs that exist, were possibly the 2 most intense seconds of my life. For me, it was very strong. Very strong. I think the feeling of a punch in the stomach might be similar to that. I know everyone expects me to be vibrating and happy but in fact I still do not quite understand, and I'm still like a plant with no reaction at all. Well, for those who are reading this maybe nothing made sense. Honestly, it doesnt make much sense to me either. But it's music, right? It does not have to make sense for you to understand it. I’m not ok. I dont even know what I do with life from now on. I saw Nirvana live. Nothing will ever be as incredible (literally) as that.
Kurt, we miss you.

Happy bday, Aleja! ❤️🤘🎉

Nao to ganhando nem um suco divulgar eles mas esse dia foi bom. 🌻

Eu nessa foto estou igual meus sentimentos: você não vê, mas está aí


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