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Cami Jepson 

(Hard #meinrealllife post for me again.) This morning I was feeling overwhelmed as I got up and started going about my day. For some reason, I was just in one of those moods and all those negative thoughts kept coming and making me feel like I don't measure up to people around me.
Stupid little things like (1) my lack of eye-lashes and (2) my constant drowning in house work were all getting me down. I thought to myself as I put on my make-up, "So and so has beautiful lashes and perfectly shaped eye-brows. How am I suppose to compete with that?!" Then I walked into the bathroom to put away a toothbrush and saw this HORRIBLY neglected drawer and thought, "So-and-so has someone come clean her house once a week to keep up on odd and end jobs (like messy drawers and washing the blinds). How am I suppose to compete with that?!" And then it dawned on me... Life is NOT a competition!
Why do we feel that we need to compete and compare ourselves with anybody besides ourselves? Good for them for having a cleaner! And good for them for having awesome lashes! But it doesn't mean that I am losing some kind of secret competition because I don't.😊 I am trying DAILY to change my thought process and be more positive and have more self-love. I am working hard to remember that my best is good enough, no matter what anybody else's "best" is!
#icantbelieveishowedyouthatdrawer! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This girl's ear piercing got infected and during the night it swelled up pretty bad. When we went to clean it this morning, the ear had swollen up around the stud and when we tried to pull it out, it went farther in her ear and we lost the diamond stud completely! Since it was infected she would scream when we tried to get it out, so we decided to take her to the doctor. But FIRST she insisted on doing her primary program at church! πŸ˜‰ After the program, we pulled up to the insta care, and Uncle Taylor called, just in time, to tell us that he could numb it for us and help get it out, so off to grandma's we went instead! We ended up having to pull it out through the back of her ear 😞, but we got it and she was a little trooper! Hopefully, the infection and swelling clear up soon! She looks like she has Shrek' s ear!

Last night to sleep with her grungy, worn-out baby blanket. Putting it away for good tomorrow. Hoping this will help kick the thumb sucking habit at night, since she only does it when she holds her "little blanky". I promised her $20.00 to spend at Disneyland next month if she does it willingly!! Wish us luck!

Enjoying her 2nd plate at the breakfast buffet. Her first plate was bacon. An entire plate of just bacon. #Mesquite2017 #familyreunions #hermouthisfullofbacon

We stopped on the way to our family reunion to hike Kannaraville Falls. It was SO much fun!

Finished the park strip yesterday after it's painful death from ground clear.. Looks better than dead grass #amiright?! #stillworkingonthelawn

The kids constantly ask me if they can go out and pick raspberries. (I just make them promise to give me some!) I am always amazed by how many they come back with. Raspberries are my favorite part about my garden!

Not much muscle yet....but with this fancy set up, that I stole from my little brother...(thanks Kyle!), I imagine I will be lifting trees off trapped animals in no time. #meinreallife

And then there were two..😟

This beautiful girl started kindergarten today! Love her so much. It happens SO fast!! "Baby" to "school girl" in the blink of an eye!

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