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❤️☀️Camille Lyman✌️👨‍👩‍👦‍👦  Owner of CCF||Professional Athlete Beach Bikini NSL|| lululemon legacy ambassador||Project C Founder||👻camiecragglyman||Sponsored Athlete @tightandtan


Need some ideas for morning/afternoon snacks!!? I have been doing an exceptional amount of meal planning lately for clients online and onsite as one item on my list that is being loved more than ever is this little guy 🥑🍞🥑🍞🥑🍞🥑🍞🥑🍞🥑🍞
Ezekiel bread (15g Carb, 0.5g Fat, 4g Protein)
1 slice= 80 calories
Organic Avocado (8.5g Carb, 14.5g Fat, 2g Protein)
1/2 medium avocado= 161
Total Calorie Snack= 241 🍞🥑🍞🥑🍞🥑🍞🥑🍞🥑 Garnish with
Sliced tomato 🍅
Sliced cucumber 🥒
Sliced radish 🥗
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & Black Pepper 🍽#food #mealprep #cleaneating #ketoish #veganish #fitness #snack #afternoon #seasalt #sodium #essentialmineral #ezekielbread #avocado #nutrition #fitfam #fitspo #macro #micro #keto #fat #essential #carbs #protein #ccf #camiecraggfitness

Washoe County Deputy is to be recognized for saving drowning toddler! This beautiful woman Natasha is one that loves life so hard and truly is living her purpose as she serves for her community! Thank you sweet girl for being you and so passionate, helping, supporting and loving your community so much! Oh that toddler and family are probably so beyond grateful for your commitment 💜heartwarming! Love your heart girl!!! I would like to take this time to thank not only Natasha but everyone that works daily for our community! Saving lives and making sure that we are safe and justice is being served! Without you ALL in your desired positions/elements we would not be the town/city we are!!! 💜❤️🖤💜❤️🖤☀️❤️🖤💜❤️🖤💜❤️🖤💜please tag or recognize your personal connection to someone who gives back to our community, I wish they were all loved and supported more!!!!!!!!!!!
❤️💜🖤❤️💜🖤❤️💜🖤❤️💜🖤❤️💜❤️💜 #renorocks #lovereno #community #serve #give #love #work #cops #sheriff #washoecountydeputy #washoecounty #drowning #toddler #saved #life #sparks #nevada #firstresponders @lagronejosh @mikalahuebner @yolagrone @svrvhbvrtholomew @maryalicehaas @jarah_lemus @horton.colleen @justdoitdb @ccfdowntown @camiecraggfitnessreno

Ashley Detschaschell sets her feet, heart, mind and every inch of her will power into Week 8 of Project C out of 12! I captured a little in the middle of her journey testimony which is four minutes of her heart expressed in hopes to share some of her desires//likes//concerns//past//present and future goals!
Project C is a twelve week journey that truly gives more than just a new beautiful physique yet also many challenges//peaks//valleys along the way! I hope that each woman learns how to prioritize her important pillars of life with also incorporating the balance of her new workout routine//clean eating regimen!! Ashley is a walking testimony of what hard work looks like, dedication to not giving up, and persistence to achieve every goal that she has ever had! Patience is key along with consistent education on behalf of what it's going to take for her to get to know her at a greater level everyday not to mention trusting the process while being an action based woman!!! Cheers to Ashley and all that she has already accomplished and what she will continue to achieve!!! So looking forward to her after pictures which will then be a huge turning point to a whole new set of goals!
#projectC #fitgirl #mommy #careerwoman #wife #fitness #fitfam #ccf #camiecraggfitness #reno #nsl #photoshoot #october #health #lifestyle #balance #nutrition (full video can be seen on my Facebook)

October is only a couple weeks away which leads into a a whole new season! 🍁🍂🌦A season of change, love, giving, weather, social functions, foods, drinks, candy and much more! All in all I believe that if one can stay in motion more often than not through the festivities you are better! It's one thing to complain about how you may not like how you feel or look and be doing nothing about it! As the other side of the token is that you truthfully get that body moving with the mindset of working out at least one time of day and still be Mr. or Mrs. Festive! Sign up for October SWITCH www.ccfreno.com by clicking Programs//SWITCH as that will route you to mindbody online to give you the early bird registration $109! After the 24th the price of SWITCH Bootcamp will increase to $149
Schedule: Monday Wednesday and Friday at 6am//Monday through Thursday at 5:30pm and Saturday Progression Class @ 7am #fitness #fitspo #bootcamp #grouptraining #gym #fitfam #fit #switch #ccf #ccfreno #transform #october #November #december #season #fall

Be unique//be inspired//be motivated//be you// 20 days out from turning 36 I have a greater love for the life of fitness//endorphins//muscles//sweat//yet more importantly A greater love dedicating my life to my family and every single person who crosses my path! I'm sincerely positively obsessed with loving as hard as I can! I love being the element of "AIR" (triangle tattoo on wrist). This is the element that connects all other elements, even though it might seem less relevant, invisible as it is. The distance from the nature of Earth lifts us up high, in impractical and mental planes that don’t satisfy our physical needs. Still, this is the element that can be found in all others, keeps the fire going just like the Sun burns hydrogen. We may say that the beginning of life wouldn’t be possible without Fire, but there would be no Fire on our planet without Air.
The element of Air gives us room to breathe, widens our lungs, and with them, opens our Soul to personal freedom. All signs that belong to this element have a strong need to feel liberated and free. #vintandyork @vintandyork #blackandwhite #stripes #findyou #beyou #fitness #food #fun #life #agape #red #bronde #casper #air #libra #faith #family #fitspo #gym #ccf #balance #inspire #perfectionisperception #notperfect #team #village #community #ink #tattoo @paulo_artandstuff

Testimony from the sweet Courtney Durham as she shares her why! Project C for her is something different than it is for another woman which is what makes it a journey that will start her growth in ways that she deserves! I love her story for many reasons yet one part that really catches my attention seven weeks in is her understanding that she may not know all the "whys" of each function When it comes to her macros//micros//vitamins//essentials minerals//electrolytes//etc yet she is open to KNOW//retain//understand more as each day goes by that we train and advise along the way!! She holds a lot on her plate being a wifey/mommy/friend/gym enthusiast/and more. At this point Court knows that this time of giving to herself is a gift that keeps on giving in all facets of life! Her why was something at the beginning of Project C and becomes a little altered in the middle ohhhh girl and then end of Project C will become a whole New beginning! You hear her...her body hasn't had the most dramatic changes at seven weeks or what she thought she was going to have but her zest for life and energy is through the roof! Shhhh don't tell her that her body is changing and has changed and will only continue to change more and more with her dedication//new knowledge//understanding//Drive//self love//commitment to embrace that she is a living self science experiment for LIFE! Congrats to my babes//our babes for being so honest and transparent about her WHY and literally being giving to herself as anyone that is in a similar boat as her understands what type of sacrifice she probably has given her whole life for others!!!! It's your time babes, welcome to the journey of getting to know more and more about Courtney! Xoxoxox
Courtney writes me yesterday and says this..."Thank you Camie. And thank you for everything you do to inspire, encourage and educate us. I am truly blessed to have found you and your gym. 💖💪" #fitness #projectC #transformation #change #educationalongtheway #eachhumanisdifferent #fitfam #fitspo #fit #mom #pink #ccf #ccfreno #ccfdowntown #fitnessmotivation #fitgirl #choice #change #confidence #love #friendship #honest #nutrition #macros #micros #workout

My life seriously 24/7 No joke! My family//my tribe rules so hard! I had everything set up this morning for a couple intimate Project C testimonies that you can see on my Facebook page tomorrow! I go in my office to breakdown my camera and see that I have a video that clearly wasn't on there this morning....watch for yourself! 🎤🎤"Daddy: check baby check! Check yo self before you wreck yo self! Messing with Dad is bad for your health! Chopper: better check yo self before you wreck yo self! Mess with me family is bad for your health!"🎤🎤🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣#mytriberules #family #checkyourself #video #instagram #instavideo #lymanboys #lymanfamily #lymanlove #husband #son #mommy #fitness #ccf #ccfreno #fitfam #testimonies #fit #fitspo #mywholeentireworld #andgalaxy ☀️❤️🌎💫

Monday Motivation: allow others in your life to help you, elevate you and enjoy you for the you that you are! It's been quite a journey loving and embracing all those who have come and gone and those who are here for the now! I'm sure that fitness can be fun, approachable and deserving of your time if one allows it to be! Sleep well tonight and wake up with the excitement of having another opportunity to achieve and become one step closer to any goal that your heart desires! #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fit #bigblue #blueday #personaltrainer #gymlife #life #love #change #goals #inspire #nsl #nspire #ccf #ccfreno #ccfdowntown #girls #women #friends #support #hope #friendship

I woke up and was wearing my black Nikes as I always do to the gym. As Bodee my 10 year old walks over to me this morning to say, "Mom why did you bring these shoes for me to wear (white vans)?" I was stumped & confused by his question! They are white vans that he has clearly worn a lot so I asked him what really is going on because he just wore them picture day last week. I also asked, "did someone say anything about your shoes?" As I felt something way deeper than just me making the mistake of bringing him his white vans to wear. He looked at me with tears rolling down his face and seriously trying to be a big boy about this but I caught his emotion! Ugh my heart just sank and listened to every word he had to say, I embraced him and gave him my insight after he got it all out. "Mom they said I look like a girl. And it wasn't just one person it was two girls and one boy." I replied, "Okay hunny I get it you don't want to wear the shoes now because you were made to feel less than for wearing them and don't want to go through that again. How did those comments make you feel?" Bodee looked at me wiping his eyes, "terrible mom, I just felt terrible all day when I wore them last." I sat there with him and took off my black Nikes and gave him to Bodee to wear (yes we wear the same size shoe, 9). As he was putting my shoes on in full relief asked me, "Well what are you going to wear?" I laughed and said, "your white ones silly!" I put them on right there and then proceeded to speak my heart to him about what happened at school! "Baby there are mean people out there that have no problem hurting others. Unfortunately in this case at school those three didn't like your shoes or maybe they loved them so much that they felt the need to put you down! We just don't know, but regardless no one has the right to take your individuality away from you! God blessed you with your desires, your personality and that is okay! You always be you and if you like your shoes, your hair, your whatever and someone else doesn't a response to them could be "that's okay that you don't like my shoes, but I do." And then you can walk away and never think about it again and enjoy being Bodee!" ...

☀️💪🏼Incredible morning☀️💪🏼Thank RENO
Thank you team CCF @maryalicehaas @yolagrone @justdoitdb @dan.knapp @mikalahuebner @svrvhbvrtholomew @lagronejosh @ashploussard @jarah_lemus our Bootcamp workout was so amazing//energetic// and without YOU it wouldn't have been what it was! #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #lululemon #lululemonreno #ccf #ccfreno #ccfdowntown #outdoorbootcamp #workout @miss__chow @erinalexnv

My client @brandy_marshall as I look up to her so much along with all my other girls whom I have the opportunity to coach, learn with and explore so many different options and way to become the best version of themselves!
She is training for another show and is all about the growth, learning, building, losing, gaining etc as the wife, mother, business woman and athlete that she is! We go and go every time to whole new levels as we experience what works what doesn't and what we haven't or have done! 6 weeks out to her next show and she is eating 2500 calories and has her own story her own journey and reasons! She will only continue to eat more as last show she was eating nearly 3,000 calories and hungry as she understood the science that we keep exploring and understanding as a team! When we know we know when we don't know we find out!
Variety is key to keep the mind and body working effectively both in and out of the gym!
She texts me today..." I remember a day I would have cried at being 3 lbs up. You have brought me so far and taught me so much. I realized after how I felt last week with keto that I am 100% in this for my health and to do things the healthy way. Of course I want to better myself and push myself but I am ok with who I am. It is so crazy, I am proud of myself for learning this. I wish it didn't take me 38 years, but better late than never 😜 it is so important to me to teach this to Faith !! I owe so much of this to you . Your support, your knowledge, your kindness , your energy, your positivity. I feel like a new person. I have felt the changes, but even more so now. Life is good, do what you love and love what you do always !! Thank you for being you" -brandy
#fitness #fuel #eatssomuch #food #energy #calories #onehourliftonly #30minutehiitonly #machine #fitspo #fitfam #healthy #lifestyleforher #everyoneseeksbalance #balance #goals #love #workouts #exercise #nsl #stage #nspire @jen_thompsonfit @leethompsonnsl @nslcommishofficial @nspiresl @bodypow @summertyme_c753

🥗Homemade Spring Rolls🥗is what is for dinner tonight and many nights here at the Lyman Household! 🥒🥑🥕🌶🥗🍴🍽🥒🥑🥕
Green Onions
Cilantro (His)
Mint (Hers)
Fresh Jalapeño
Red Bell Pepper
Pinch of fresh basil
Pinch of Roasted Sesame Seed
Pinch of Ginger
Noodles (Angel Hair Miracle Noodles) Shirataki Pasta (most common used is rice noodles)
Rice Paper
Beauty of cooking in your own kitchen is you can add or subtract to your own tastebuds, wants, needs and desires! We make our own Peanut Sauce as well which is a little thicker than usual and a lot more Peanut buttery....yummy! #dinner #supper #fitness #lymanlove #family #fitspo #michaelbuble #music #homework #reading #chores #koaboy #recipes #recipe #springrolls #cleaneating #veganish #ketoish #avocado #vegetables #ricepaper #chefwalt #chef #kitchen #food #healthy #myhusbandrocks #gym

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