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VOTE VOTE VOTE TODAY. Thank you @cynthiaenixon for a campaign that raised the bar, grateful for your clear common sense leadership. VOTE @zephyrteachout @jumaane.williams & @cynthiaenixon TODAY!!#racialjustice #prisonpipeline #socialjustice #environmentaljustice #teamcynthia #cynthiaforny

This Monday, just before the Global Climate Action Summit began in San Francisco, I got to build with artists from across the globe in a workshop led by @favianna1 and @culturestrike. They brought us into community to imagine how we as cultural workers can contribute to rewriting the climate change narrative, to ensure that our communities, movements, governments and institutions make real change by prioritizing social, racial and environmental justice. I have followed @favianna1 & @culturestrike's work for years, always deeply grateful for their leadership that is as joyful as it is powerful, as clear as it is inclusive. To witness the birth of the #climatewoke movement (pics via @culturestrike), to be invited to dream together, is the honor of a lifetime. I cannot wait to share what comes next. #artists4climate #climatejustice -------------------------------------------------thank you @culturestrike @wearesoze @100isnow @favianna1 @thesoniag @katornahid @wildbirdmagik @nijeulx @michaelskolnik ------------------------------------------------------ "If history is a guide, the [Global Climate Action Summit] conversations will fall short in addressing one of the most important aspects of climate change: that it impacts most heavily the well-being and futures of people of color and low-income communities.
And in fact, if history is our guide, many of the “solutions” launched at GCAS will perpetuate and even deepen the inequities that burden communities of color in California and around the world.
We’re here to say: not anymore, not this time. Climate change is a racial justice issue.
The connections between climate change and so many other social justice fights are painfully clear in this moment. We now have incarcerated people, including incarcerated youth, fighting out-of-control wildfires; we have immigrants who harvest our agricultural bounty dying of heat illness as temperatures rise; and we have a vicious housing crisis that forces low-income families to live in communities that corporations have treated as dumping grounds for toxic waste and pollution..." - @culturestrike READ THE FULL LETTER AT

Breaking news: baby learned to clap at the march! And if that wasn't enough, the @modelactivist Model Mafia is out in force tonight at #riseforclimate because a just sustainable world must be what comes next.

TONIGHT is the #riseforclimate march in NYC. Join @modelactivist and thousands of fellow New Yorkers as we march to end the era of fossil fuels and build 100% renewable energy for all. Battery Park, 530PM. -------------------------------------------------- "We march because we know, as the big banner at the 2014 New York City climate march declared: WE ALREADY HAVE THE SOLUTIONS.

We march because we know that a world that responds to the emergency will be a more beautiful and prosperous one.

We march because of what we love." - Rebecca Solnit, Why We March

NYC, we march TONIGHT 9/6! We join people in 71 countries at 483+ actions will rise up to demand our local leaders commit to a fossil free future. That means no more fossil fuels and 100% renewable energy for all. The time is now. @modelactivist will be there. Will you #RiseforClimate? (Join other marches Sept 8.) Visit: (photos by @gibaela)

✨ the future is bright ✨ (hanging with our friend Lou, photo by mamma @nyralang)

Today is the first day of a nationwide #prisonstrike. Read demands and find out how to help: "Ending prison slavery isn't just release from a cage. It's our chance to self-determine livable conditions, real healthcare, actual education. Ending prison slavery isn't just for prisoners, it is liberation for all, inside and out.” ... a nationwide prison strike that has been organized in response to a riot in Lee Correctional Institution, a maximum security prison in South Carolina. Seven lost their lives when prison officials turned their backs on a riot they provoked." - #Repost @melaniecervantes (who made the first image)

BREAKING: Californians, including 17 year-old Nalleli Cobo and others who have suffered from toxic oil drilling near their homes, are risking arrest to demand that Gov. Jerry Brown STAND UP to Big Oil: end new fossil fuel projects in California and begin a just transition to phase out the state’s dirty fuel extraction. We’ve had enough of Jerry Brown’s cowardice & hypocrisy on climate. Sign here to support our demand:

#BrownsLastChance #GCAS2018 #StepUp2018 #Climate #ActOnClimate #ShutItAllDown #SetbacksNow #KeepItInTheGround #UnFrackCal #BanFrackingNow #FossilFree #NoNewPermits

My ☀️

Wonderful wonderful team. Lucky to work with folks like these >>> Photographer @yutsai88 / Stylist @jessswill / Makeup @marikoarai / Hair @lizziearneson / Nails @julieknailsnyc. Thank you @voguethailand and EIC @kullawit ✨✨✨

Dear @ivankatrump, You follow me on social media. You are implicated in all of what this administration has done. It is not enough to feel "low." You are an active participant in what is happening to these children and families. Each inhumanity ripples outward. Do everything in your power. To quote @cindi_leive, "No, this resignation might not alter a situation the president himself backed. But it is still morally correct." We are watching.

So excited to share this September @bazaaruk cover with you this morning! I cannot think of a more perfect way to depict engaging in political work, the work of communal transformation, during this season of immense evolution, than the tenderness of caring for new life. I know many leaders (women, men, and gender expanding, with and without children) who mother -- who sustain, who care, and who have infinite optimism. To name just a few ... I am grateful for my mom, grandmothers, mother in law, aunts, sisters, @rmchase @x_tran @linneacr @dianablainfine @shanleyhopes @sarachieffo @itsreallydewey @mmack_ @xuhulk @damanibaker @cfigueres @eisadavis @dwspice @cindi_leive @eyeampierre @andreapippins @nataliefoster @aminaolayiwola @ashleysargentprice @fulviafarolfi @teachagirltoswim @farhanayamin @camille_lowry @katefoley @jungwon217 @brooklyndoula @twinlettes @mamyadebonbon
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