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When the dream involves racing 500 miles gotta be able to bounce back after a hundo baby!
Who’s fired up for @wser This weekend?

Started off a little fast, I see the two times I stopped for 15 minutes each and I ended at a decent pace. That was a fun 24 hours and
200,000+ steps!

If giving bows away was a job, I’d be the happiest worker ever. 🏹🏹🏹🏹
Thanks for the pic @fulldrawfilmtour...I appreciate all you guys do.
Has anyone been to a FDFT event like @thebowrack put on here in Springfield this weekend? If you haven’t I’d recommend’ll never meet a collective group of better people.

Start line of the Elijah Bristow 24-Hour and I’ve been getting a few questions on events like this so I’ll answer some here...
1) how much sleep do you get during a race like this? I didn’t sleep even one second.
2) how often do you take breaks? The fewer the better. The clock never stops so if you’re not moving you’re not adding to your total. I stopped twice for 30 minutes total to eat during 24 hours. It was the only time I sat down. Some may take more breaks but run faster when they are moving. I walked a few miles when my legs were toast but ended the 24 hours hammering pretty hard relatively speaking. Ran a few 9 minutes miles which felt hard after 100+. It’s not an exact science though.
3) how do you prepare? Run. A good rule of thumb is your weekly milage should total the race distance. There’s always exceptions.
4) what do you eat? You’ll need calories and a lot of them on a regular basis as well as hydration. I ate a hamburger, watermelon, pancakes, eggs, bacon, quesadilla, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc...all on the move. I ran the first marathon of my 108 miles in 3 hours 35 minutes and while running so fast, again relatively speaking, I fell behind on fuel and hydrating. It took me a long time to catch back up which resulted in some slow miles and impacted my total.
5) S’ll need salt.
6) what’s the biggest challenge to a race like this? Pain.
7) what was your goal? A goal - 120 miles, B goal - break my previous best of 106 miles and C goal - cover over 100 miles in 24 hours which is generally considered and “win” for most ultra runners. 9 in this race did that, a record. I fished 3rd overall with 108 miles.
Photo Cred: Elijah Bristow Race

Me when I fished my race today...

I ran by this river for 24-hours and wanted to do this the entire time...this morning, seconds after the race ended, I made my move. Am I @iceman_hof?

It was a great 24-hours on the trail running the Elijah Bristow 24-Hour Trail Run, filled with many high and lows.
The run started super fun. As I was checking in and getting my race bib yesterday just prior to the race’s start @dpila, a talented local runner asked, “Hey Cam, you wanna fun fast for 6 hours?” David was doing the 6-hour run and wanted the course record. I said, “No man, I’m going to be disciplined. I always start off way too fast and it kills me later. I’m gonna run smart this year.” That lasted about 5 minutes until the start of the race then Dave and I were off, running hard with another guy. It was super fun but not wise. Dave finished after 6-hours very close to the course record and I had 18 hours left.
The challenge was big, but knowing you all were following along (appreciate the shoutout @joerogan!), some great fellow runners I befriended during the event and the incredible race staff made the experience amazing.
My brother, one of my biggest supporters/best friends, was on hand throughout the night after getting 3rd place in a 50-mile mountain race he did north of me. Thank you @tspike2. My family was in and out offering love/support, my good friends showed up during the toughest part of the night, but there’s one little thing, support is awesome, but that doesn’t get you any free miles. Still need to hammer!!!
@courtneydauwalter offered up a goal, 120 miles. Sounded good to me...I felt fit and mentally strong. The fast start sabotaged my confidence a little, but I was still able to get 100 miles done with 2 hours left and after getting off my feet and re-fueling I was able to bust out 8 more miles to give me 108 miles in 24 hours, my best total ever for this race and good enough for 3rd place overall.
Previously here on this trail I’d run 106, 102 and 100 miles in the 3-years prior.
It hurt, as this type event always will, but it feels great to push through big challenges and come out on the other side better, tougher and more in-tune with your body.
To everyone who competed at Bristow, you have my respect! And to the Race Director, the legendary, Ed Willson, thank you for creating this special race. Photo Cred: Elijah Bristow 24

100 miles in 21 hours 57 minutes...gotta eat, then I have 2 hours to hammer out a few more miles before we hit the 24-hour cut off. #keephammering

How great are these guys? Showed up at 4:00 a.m. and ran an hour with me. 94 down! Thanks @tristianbrown_1 @wayneendicott1354 @nickthetrainerdude @outlaw_strength and Mikey!

1:00 a.m. and 78 miles down. @just_truett came out and ran with me for 6 miles. Probably gonna try to count it as my Father’s Day gift. Love ya Truey, drive safe headed home! #nobodycaresworkharder

12 hours in 63 miles down!

Elijah Bristow 24-Hour Run update...
40.1 miles down in 6 hours 27 minutes.

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