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Today is Thanksgiving and one thing I am so thankful for is the passion and fight hunters routinely exhibit to protect our way of life.
I feel extremely nervous about @realdonaldtrump's impending decision regarding the exports from hunting in Africa. I've seen some hunters comment that they aren't concerned about the problems "rich hunters have", as they are just worried about finding a buck or bull to fill their freezer. I completely understand how export restrictions halfway around the world on animals most will never hunt might seem unimportant but I think the President's decision on this topic is very import because it's a great opportunity to tell the story of conservation and hunters. The positive impact we make as a group is well known and often discussed in our own circles but we are fighting to give this success story a broader reach while at the same time combating the emotion/heartstrings the mainstream media and uninformed celebrities use to pit non-hunters against hunters.
All that being said, thank you to all who have written articles like this one, participated in the dialogue on this topic or have shared my posts. Social media can be a powerful tool and we are reaching millions a day with our message. I'm optimistic that our President and @repryanzinke (who has done some amazing work regarding protecting public lands right here at home) understand and appreciate the conservation ideology I've written about this week. I just hope that his final decision reflects that and as hunters we can use this big platform (the President discussing hunting doesn't happen everyday) to further educate non-hunters on the positives the hunting tradition offers. Again, thank you all who are helping to shine a positive light on hunting.

This warms my heart on a family filled Thanksgiving 🙏. #keephammering

Sleeping in is not something I'm good at so even though I don't have a deer tag I still had to get out and see what I could see this morning. Is driving logging roads listening to country music and stopping every so often to glass for bucks anyone else's idea of a good time? Or just me? It was a little too warm, upper 50s, and windy which isn't great conditions for deer activity, but I still found 3 bucks and a handful of does. Fun morning either way. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!!
T-shirt compliments of
@whiskeyriff. Thank you guys, you're awesome! Almost as awesome as Trisha, Shania and Reba.

@jimshockeyofficial has always been one of my hunting heroes. Thusly, I really enjoyed the article about him in the new @outdoor_life magazine...actually, I wanted it to be longer. To read for yourself go to Jim's page and click on the link in his bio. I'd give him a follow while you're there because he's a true living legend.

I see that @realratedred posted a new video on their YouTube channel. Has anyone watched all of the bow shots we did this summer? I'm still patiently waiting for the Cristal shot. @richardryan

Two claps and a Ric Flair! Got in some arms tonight with @outlaw_strength and @rihanacary. #keephammering
@ricflairnatureboy 16x World Champion

Rifle, bow, muzzleloader doesn't matter to me how others find success while hunting. @evashockey killed her Oregon bull with a rifle which was awesome, what made it even more awesome...I was there to help cut it up and pack it out. That experience for me was as rewarding as any of my own hunts this year. When my friends are successful, I am successful.

I love seeing women hunters out there hammering hard to fill their freezers! Much respect @girlguidejennrivet! Especially when I'll probably get a chance to eat on this deer come spring bear season. 👌
Posted @withrepost@girlguidejennrivet HERE HE IS!! My first Archery Mule Deer!! Sorry for the delay, it's crazy time here...hunting, skinning, butchering, taking out kids to hunt, oh ya and sleep...lol!!#livinthedreamwithjohnandjenn
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Who's ready to see the Utah elk hunting film by @uahunt with @joerogan and I? Word on the street is it will be released November 28th. Stay tuned!
Posted @withrepost@danielpeeplesphoto It was an awfully fun week chasing elk with this crew in Utah! @sub7studios .
#bowhunting #elk #utah #screamingbulls #sweetseptember

Still waiting on the @realdonaldtrump decision regarding the ban...thought I'd share a few quick thoughts about my experience in Africa. And, yes I realize it's not ban on trophy hunting per se but if hunters can't bring their animals home they aren't going to pay tens of thousands to hunt there. If hunters can't hunt Africa there won't be money to pay for anti-poaching as I describe here. People might say well what about photo safaris for tourists? They will pay to see them animals alive. Yes, some will. They won't pay $75 a $100,000 though to kill a big male past its breeding prime that instead of breeding kills young animals to eliminate competition (lions do this often, called infanticide). Having animals alive like this hurts the population and is actually the exact animal almost every hunter is after. Whether killing this trophy is a benefit by proxy or conscience conservation efforts the result is the rest of the specie benefit. And, photo safaris typically don't get deep into the hinterlands were hunters venture which means poachers can still do damage. The photo safaris generally stay on the same roads, travel the same routes, probably taking photos of the same tired pride of lions that are eating on a zebra the guides shot and dropped off. Does a lion or elephant get killed? No, but less get saved by the presence of hunters in the backcountry as they essentially patrol for poachers back there killing whatever they see. In the end, the result is a negative as unfettered poaching is what's devastating big game in Africa and no family on a photo safari is going to dodge poacher's bullets like a hunter and the PHs will. Also, those photo safaris actually are tougher on the habitat if that matters to anyone as they hammer the same country daily. You ever been to a major tourist attraction? Like that. Again, if you care about the animals of Africa you want select animals hunted. Conservation by way of hunting is the answer. @repryanzinke

Thanks for killing it @garyvee!
@garyvee Look at the last 10 tweets, fb posts, texts and emails in your feed.. people are complaining and are negative and looking to place blame. -
It’s a bad strategy, focus on what you can do for you and then people around you.
Life’s a simple game of offense vs defense ... 98.9% are on defense.
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Perfectly said @tylerntoney.

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