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Cameron Yuen PT, DPT, CSCS  Physical Therapist at @bespoketreatments NYC Doctor of Physical Therapy Strength & Conditioning Coach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Student

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An easy self hip mobilization with @kirastokesfit. Great for opening up the front of your hip.

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Do you have tight hips? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Watch, listen and try this great hip stretch (it’s not the first I’ve posted on this subject and it won’t be the last). Pay attention to the subtle details @cameron_yuen points out re: different angles of my hinge and rear foot. I’m using a 3/4 inch think band from @rocktape which works to cause a distraction in the hip joint. ⭐️You can of course try this stretch without a band but, to quote @dangiordanodpt , owner of @bespoketreatments : “The force that the band creates acts as a wedge to separate the head of the femur from the hip Joint. When the separating of the 2 joint surfaces occurs, it will allow more space for synovial fluid to fill the joint. This will allow for more motion and less joint friction” in other words, the band makes the stretch more effective👍🏼.
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4 Simple Ways to Prevent Lower Back Pain from Ruining Your Life

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The ab wheel is probably one of the best tools for training anti extension if done well.

Brace the trunk, slightly posterior tilt the pelvis, and extend overhead.


Variations of the YTWL exercises are great for those who experience a pinching sensation in the front of their shoulder.

This exercise improves rotator cuff and scapular endurance, scapular and glenohumeral control, and thoracic extension.

Focus on keeping the chest up, with the shoulder blades in slight posterior tilt.


Kettlebell arm bars are great for actively improving shoulder, spine, and hip mobility.

Stabilizing the bell while adding slight rotations also works well as prep work for going overhead.

Try to keep the arm vertical and drive the hips down to the ground with a bit of a posterior tilt.


Instead of hanging out in a frog stretch, try this flow for mobilizing your hamstrings and adductors.

Change the foot position to work in some extra hip external and internal rotation as well. Try to keep the foot of the bent leg flat while sitting back.


Fun times working with @everybodyfights for the @menshealthmag boxing workshop.

@kharper369, @dangiordanodpt, and I ran the group through some movements and talked about recovery after training.


The thoracic bridge has been one of my go to moves for years. Great for opening the hips, spine, and shoulders. Thanks @maxshank for popularizing this one.

Keep the hips square with full extension, push through the shoulder, and reach to opposite side as far as possible.


Movement prep for upper back and wrists with thoracic cat cow with wrist extension. Also works well as front squat prep.


Some BJJ/grappling ankle prep.

Keep the stationary foot flat throughout, change stance width and toe out angle.


Side plank with marching - pretty demanding on lateral hip and trunk. Fun one picked up from @zerenpt.


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