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Camden Hoch  Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Yogi, Mom, Inspirer, Life Poet, Creator, Soul Radiance Retreat, join us in Morocco Sept. 2018


“Living in new shapes, reshapes our thinking” - Lois F. Stark. As birthdays pass each year, I’m even more excited about what I learn each year. There are so many wondrous people in my life for whom I am incredibly grateful to know. So many adventures I’ve experienced that keep me saying “yes” to what shows up and invites me to shift some more. Malleability takes on a deep meaning for me in life as the constant changes shift my body and mind creating new possibilities while closing experiences which have been fully discovered. Wisdom and insights take the place of all regrets and remind me of lessons learned, challenges resolved, and the elements of true happiness. I am open to living in new shapes and aligning with the flow of life, letting Love guide me every step of the way. Thank you for all of your birthday wishes and here’s to living in new shapes! Sending you love, love and more love!

“In a sense all life is inter-related. We are caught in an escapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever effects one directly affects all indirectly.” - Martin Luther King Jr. Our choices affect the well being of all. May we be compassionate to all beings including ourselves in our thoughts, our words and our actions. May we come together in peace and freedom. May we love one another. Sending you love, love and more love. Photo Credit: @loo_pics

Birthday Weekend. Another of our fave places. I’m learning so much in this new year and it’s only just begun. Affirmations: I am open hearted and align with the flow of Life. I am grateful. I am compassionate. I am serving each day as my best. I am Love. Sending you love, love and more love today!

My Birthday. Indian Springs. Us. Family. Sunset. Incredibly Grateful. My heart is pouring over with so much love. I’d like to share some with you. Sending you love, love and more love today!

Birthday Eve. Yoga in the city and then dinner with family. Memories continue to flash across the space of my heart. Moments, hours, years lived in this body and spirit that continues to expand and gift me with experiences that grow me, teach me, enlighten me, challenge me, courage me up and more. Another trip around the sun, you say? Yes, let’s do it. Moment by moment. Breath by breath. I’m ready to keep flowing with the Divine plan of my life. Let’s rock and roll! And we ride.... Sending you love, love and more love! Photo: 4 year old me

“Wouldn’t it be great if there were colored pathways that told us which way to go in life; which decisions were a yes and which were a no? Oh, but for real, it would steal the Mystery of Life’s big reveal for you. Wait for it... Wait for it... there it is. It was inside you all the while.” - Camden Hōch Sending you love, love and heaps more love today beautiful friends! Photo taken in The Blue Pearl/Chefchaouen, Morocco 2017 so excited to return to Morocco this year! Is this your next big reveal in your life? Take a look at the link in my profile for more info to retreat with me!

“Open the door. Take my hand and together we will adventure to a near and faraway land. Dive to the inner depths of your heart and discover a new world ready to be explored and shared. Immerse your senses, lead with curiosity, invite the dream forward, bring your self expression to life. Be invited by the whispers of your soul and listen. It’s time. Will you please come in?” - Camden Hoch Sending you love, love and more love! Photo Credit: @julieelliott Morocco 2017 (looking to join us this year and quench your curiosity, browse the link in my profile and then feel free to DM me. Let’s chat :) )

Learning. Growing. Expanding. Surrendering. Standing. Bowing In. Opening to all sensations. Choosing to witness and feel. Not always easy. Shit. Let’s face it. Some of the most grueling experiences. Some of the most heart wrenching experiences. Some of the most joyful experiences. What is left? Knowing. Love. Knowing God. Knowing we are enough. Joy because it’s always there inside. Knowing All is Well. Humility. Kindness. Compassion. Love. Wholeness. Join me for practices Wednesdays and Mondays @yogaofsausalito for Radiance Awakening Yoga at 9am. Let’s practice. Let’s show up everyday to Life in the knowing of what is even in the unknown. Sending you love, love and more love right now!

Reflecting this week. Sitting with all sensations. Trusting Intuition more than ever. Eyes wide open. Heart wide open. One, two, three, leap. Sending you love, love and more love today! Photo: Morocco 2017 - I’ll be back, join me? Take a look. Link in profile. See you soon!

Today we took down the Christmas tree. All except one. It’s a small tree by my desk. It’s lights flash all the time. It’s been going straight for 2 years. The shiny, the sparkly, and all the holiday decorations make me happy. So I will keep my little tree plugged in for as long as it lasts. Do things that make you and others happy. Life is real and right now. Don’t waste it doing things that don’t make you happy. Sending you love, love and more love!

Dusk. Moving into darkness. Deep feminine energy of rest and repose. Drink in the stillness of the night. Sleep tight. Sending you love, love and more love!

Moments. Impermanence. On topic. Off topic. Opportunities show up. They go away and come again. Life experiences that grow us; expand us; move us. These thoughts rolling through my mind as I glimpse the sunrise this morning that only stayed for seconds. Then gone. It will peek through again. It will fully shine again. Now I enjoy the rain. Watching the drops slide down the window. Watching the fog float about on the Bay. Loving life in all its twists and turns. Being. Trusting. Knowing. My practice teaches me breath by breath to feel sensation. I feel it, witness it and breathe. Thank you Life! Sending you love, love and more love today!

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