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Cambridge Butterfly  Discover 1000's of free-flying butterflies in a tropical garden. Explore a vast collection of insects, meet live exotic bugs and enjoy the tropics!

#garden life

The spikes might be trying to warn off predators but we can't stop looking at this gorgeous Malachite caterpillar! 🐛

Check out this Monarch butterfly laying eggs on our Tropical Milkweed!

Bright colours and warm weather are known to 'meta'-morph a frown into a smile! Surround you and your family with the bright colours of spring at the Conservatory! 🌺

A Rice Paper found one of our Easter eggs hidden around the conservatory! Come in this Easter weekend and see if you and your little butterflies can find the rest! We're open all Easter weekend, 10am-5pm.

It's April, the sun is shining and there goes the first butterfly of the season - it's a Mourning Cloak! ☀️These are one of the first butterflies to be seen because they overwinter as adults. Hiding under bark and leaves to protect from the winter wind and any would-be predators. #nationalwildlifeweek

It's #nationalwildlifeweek for all creatures big and small! Our honeybee hive is beginning to stir with the warmer weather. Spring is a busy time for bees as they build the hive back up with female worker bees. They are needed to forage the soon to be blooming flowers.
Have you seen any busy bees buzzing by? 🌼🐝#conservethewonder

Spring is in the air! The grass is turning green and the trees are beginning to bud. Ease your transition by visiting our many green creatures from butterflies to birds! 💚

April showers 🌧we have spring flowers 🌼and butterflies too 🦋Come escape the rain with us !

The sun is finally out and shining on this beautiful Banded Orange butterfly! 🌸 #sunnysunday

Your dream wedding can be a reality! Talk with us today to book your perfect day.

Caterpillars are mega munchers ! They can eat up to 20 times their weight in leaves a day 🍃🐛

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