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Cambridge Butterfly  Discover 1000's of free-flying butterflies in a tropical garden. Explore a vast collection of insects, meet live exotic bugs and enjoy the tropics!

Check out the striking red dorsal surface of this Red Lacewing! Together with the exquisitely patterned ventral surface, this butterfly is a beauty from all angles! 😍

The Rice Paper is one of the butterflies that lands on our visitors most often. A cousin of the Monarch, it can have a wingspan of up to 14cm!

Hoping the weekend will "stick" around a little bit longer!

Easy, Tiger (Longwing, that is!) πŸ…

These African Moon Moths continue to amaze us! They have beautifully emerged with different colouring! πŸ™Œ#amazingmoths

A Blue Morpho emerging from its chrysalis! #WingedWednesday πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹

Most species of butterflies, like this Tarricina, really show off their wings before they emerge from their chrysalis! #TransformationTuesday

Misty Monday mornings help maintain our tropical oasis #behindthescenes #mondaymotivation

"Excuse me, we're busy being beautiful!" #fabulousfinches

This close up of the African Moon Moth has us awe struck! #ButterfliesofEgypt

When you set up a black light in the Arizona desert... moths, beetles and owlflies, oh my! #iecc2017

Cheecho finally got his own name tag...

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