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Daniel Camargo  U.S. Senior International Coach, USAW

Season has begun! Many don't know that here in Florida, Weightlifting is a high school varsity sport (though the two lifts contested are the Bench Press and C+J). Each season I volunteer time to introduce the C+J to any local high school requesting me. It's my pleasure. Though I was an Olympic-style lifter as a teenager my coach would have me join the high school team to contribute, as there are both individual and team aspects to the season. I had fond memories of those days. So if I can give back to the high school circuit year after year I will. I'm obliged. Good luck to all the athletes in the girls' season (Fall) and boys' season (Spring). @lymanhs @olyconcepts #olyconcepts #highschoolweightlifting #highschool #varsityweightlifting #varsity #tryouts #coachingisaprofession #weightlifting #clean #jerk #barbell #fhsaa #state #floridaweightlifting #florida

I've long thought about offering video analysis to people. Not necessarily programming, which I do, or general remote coaching and competition preparation, which I also do, but just technique guidance and form-critique. There are people out there who don't need the full coaching process because they're either self sufficient or have coaching but they do need a set of eyes to help with technique. I am now able to do so with @procoachapp There are several other sport professionals listed on this app and I'm happy to accept videos that are Olympic Weightlifting related. @procoachapp @olyconcepts #videoanalysis #helpingthoseinneed #snatch #clean #jerk #olympiclifting #olyconcepts #barbell #ilovemyjob #coaching #olyvideos #tutorials #edecuate #teach #athletes

I'm very happy with how my first Cues & Corrections Seminar went last month that I just have to run a second. So, I've set my next course back at my place November 10 from 12pm-5pm. Registration link is in my bio. If you missed last month sign give this one a shot @olyconcepts #cuesandcorrections #seminar #olyseminar #olylifting #coachingisaprofession #olympiclifting #ilovemyjob #snatch #clean #jerk #barbell #olyconcepts #cuesandcorrectionsbook

These pictures are just a snapshot of my enjoyment teaching Certs and Seminars. Aside from coaching my athletes I teach these weekend courses purely out I love. And when you love something you want to share it with everyone. They also keep me on my toes as a professional to be up to speed with the latest information. They give me a chance to meet and network with so many other coaches or future coaches. I hope I'm always requested to teach and to have the opportunity to help others interested in the barbell. Thank you @crossfitliftdistrict and @teamnr4gravity for having me this weekend. Let's do another one! Photocred: @dani_hrm #olycert #courses #olylifting #teach #coachingisaprofession #lovewhatyoudo #ilovemyjob #ilovethisjob #sharethelove #snatch #clean #jerk #olyconcepts #barbell @olyconcepts @mtucc77kg

First time @mattiecakesssss and I are on a podcast together. I loved the topics we shared and questions asked of us - "...while Danny puts in a lot of time and concerted effort into Mattie’s program, Mattie often contributes equally to its daily adjustments and edits due to her training maturity and technical awareness. Mattie is also the first to say that, since beginning her weightlifting career, not a single decision has been made without Danny." Thank you @strengthratio for the opportunity for us to share part of journey.
Repost from @strengthratio using @RepostRegramApp - Episode 36 of the Strength Ratio Podcast features World Championships Silver Medalist, Mattie Rogers (@mattiecakesssss), and her coach, Danny Camargo (@camargo_oly), who’s earned Level 5 Senior International Distinction. @olyconcepts #podcast #olyconcepts #snatch #clean #jerk #barbell #platform #olylifting

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"-Rumi. Man, I love this job! It just doesn't get old to me. Photo: @andyabeledc @olyconcepts @coralreefcrossfit @andreadirico #ilovethisjob #coachingisaprofession #coach #athletes #snatch #clean #jerk #olyconcepts #olylifting #olympicweightlifting

#tbt to my performance at the Masters World Championships one month ago. It was nice preparing and competing as the athlete one more time after so many years. It was a short term goal that has come and gone, and I'm happy with how it ended. I'm back to wearing my full time coaching hat (not that it ever came off). As such I wanted to share these series of pics, as they represent an important moment in time I address with my athletes. It's that brief moment before a lift you cannot change your mind, you must commit, in training or competition, where the mind must be set; set to rage, to effort, to intensity. The body may be ready but without that bit of rage to accompany it, you risk failure. When done correctly it's so stimulating that it cannot last long. So you can't walk around with it for hours. Save it for the right moment. Technique will happen automatically. Focus on effort. Thus, I teach my athletes to turn it on and off as needed, every rep, every set, of every day where the load is heavy. It's a "switch" that can be mastered and controlled. You have a better chance of lifting heavy load if you set the mind right like you do the body seconds before the lift. @olyconcepts @steakfri @nkanter @andreadirico #setyourmind #getyourmindright #controlledrage #intensity #fight #switch #rage #amped #hyped #getpumpedattherighttime #snatch #clean #jerk #olyconcepts #olympicweightlifting #barbell

We are down to our last 5 spots left for this weekend's usaw L1 coaching certification in Jupiter, FL. Registration ends Friday.
Repost from @andreadirico using @RepostRegramApp - Last few days to register for this L1 coming to Jupiter this weekend with @camargo_oly. We have a couple spots left, don’t miss out! . . . #Repost @teamocjupitercrew with @get_repost
USAW L1 - Sept 29-30 in Jupiter, FL. Instructor Danny Camargo. Registration link in bio. @camargo_oly @coralreefcrossfit

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