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Cam Picyk  Chef from Victoria BC. Baseball. Nature. Theocidal Tendencies.

"What's wrong Cam you seemed like you were having a good day?" "Sorry Guys, just went on Twitter for like 5 minutes."

Shout out to @greencarkeys and @sebzero92 the #moistboys got a new exhaust on their Miata and are heading out to party.

We know dude. Hang in there. It can get better.

A legend retired today. Ichiro's career spray chart is a masterpiece.

The student has become the teacher. I promise I will never call you "piglet" again seeing as how spotless and organized the kitchen was. So proud @clairelivia . Go to @liviasweets and buy everything NOW!!!

Sad day. A real one.

Just having a chat with a Chef friend. I thought it was a good point from both. We really are doomed if we don't start doing things differently. It's not going to get better unless we all admit it's broken.

Never thought I'd find a good deal in Oak Bay. Also really cool and nice staff. Get some bins and save all the money on soil dudes! #growsomeshit

Put up some bean trellises today. Just wanted to remind everyone if you only have a small gardening space you can almost double it if you spend a bit on vertical supports. #gardenguy

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Cool snow pics #losers

Pretty #basic shit but I like it. I will return to original content as soon as the garden pops or maybe cook some food. 🙃

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