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Just eating breakfast in paradise. #honeymoon #puntacana #bavaroprincess

Bowling with this smoking 🔥 soon to be bride 😏

She loves pictures more than anyone I know. I always get annoyed when everywhere we go I have to get 100 pictures taken of me. But then there's moments when I realize just how lucky I am to have someone like @marycatherinemartin. She loves life, that's simply the best way to explain her. She wants to cherish every moment she possibly can. Giving her a book of our engagement pictures for Christmas made her the happiest girl alive. Some day we will have thousands of pictures to look through and I will be wishing I took more. It's funny how perspective can change when we look outside of ourselves. Also, thanks to @sam_interrante for taking these amazing pictures. #whatwouldidowithouther #picturequeen #shesallmine

My Uncle Rod was truly one of a kind. He was so full of wisdom and knowledge, and he was willing to share that with anyone he came in contact with. I remember so many late nights with him just talking about anything and everything spiritual. He talked about God as if he was his best friend...and he longed to be with him more than anyone I have ever met. I can read all of the C.S. Lewis and John Piper that I want, but it will never be anything like a long conversation with Uncle Rod. He made the ideas and concepts of the Bible come alive in such a unique way. It made me feel as though I was living out some sort of fantasy novel. Everything was an adventure, and there was no adventure too great to tackle.
So yes, this really sucks and it certainly does not feel fair, but I find comfort knowing that Uncle Rod is right where he has always belonged; sitting and talking with his very best friend in heaven.

This weekend we are out in Virginia for @dan_a_martin's bachelor party. Just roughing it out in the wild in a tent and what not. Dan is on the reserved side, and we are very different people, but I can honestly say I couldn't be more excited to have him as a brother in law. He is stinking hilarious, and at the most unpredictable times too. He also loves his fiancée @nichismoker more than anyone could ever realize. Last night in the tent we hear him say "14 days, 14 hours, 14 minutes, 14 seconds." That's his count down for when he is getting married. He may not always express his feelings about things, but it's really really awesome to see when he does. So Nichi, if there's one thing you should know, and you probably already do, it's that Dan is pretty stinking crazy about you and I don't think that is ever going to change. Now it's time to go find something manly and illegal to do. #jkjk #kinda #startcollectingbail

They put a screw in my wrist so that I can set off metal detectors everywhere I go. It's pretty neat. #wristtkybusiness

There isn't anything more refreshing than summer nights spent on vacation with my beautiful fiancée. #lakehouse #mountains #familyvacation #hottub 🏞

My fiancée plays Pokémon Go and she also does my laundry. I win at life. #thatsgonnabemywife #pokemongo #housewifeinthemaking

Nothing like a good old Sunday beach trip!

Happy two years to the love of my life. I actually have no clue how I managed to be the lucky man that ends up with her, but I sure am happy about it. She's even a good singer. Also, she puts up with the craziness and spontaneity that's so deeply imbedded in my life, and she's even learning to embrace it! How much more could I ask for? @marycatherinemartin

Enjoying this beautiful day with my beautiful Fiancée. Life is good 🙂

One year until I get to marry this Diva. She's pretty much the most beautiful and entertaining person ever. She supports me in all that I do and encourages me to pursue the passions that God places in my heart. She's also smoking hot too. #almostthere #cantwait #insertinappropriatecommenthere

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