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Justanotherguy  -22, NYC -hiker, meme addict, cannabis and glass enthusiast -I only follow if youre interesting, be warned. -710 🐝🍯😚💭

New booty cap from @ishtar_glass with illiminips lmao such a pleasure to get this after i had a scare in the mail. #lunarrays #ishtarglass #bodacious #710 #thanksmoomz

New spoon pipe from @liberty503glass
Reminds me of an old nickname I was given when i was in elementary school. I was bigger and hairier than everyone else 😂
Anyway, I dont really smoke flower all too often but a nice piece to have regardless. Maybe ill do a giveaway, who knows.
#420 #liberty503 #sasquatch

New 1 minute terp-timer from #terpenepreservationlabs
Looks pretty dope under a blacklight. Gonna be useful for when i forget when i heated my nail lmao

For those of you that are fans of skyrim, this rig was inspired by Hermaeus Mora, the daedric entity of fate and knowledge from the Dragonborn DLC. This is my first custom glass experience and I had the pleasure of working with @pirattglass to bring the idea to life. Great artist, I encourage anyone interested to check him out. Hell of a gentleman, he made one for me and the misses.
#710 #heady #pirattglass #soulflask #skyrim #dragonborn #eye

This carb cap from @gordoscientific rips like a champ. I use it on 3mm thick bangers and it takes like 45 seconds to a minute to kill a low temp rip. It helps that the design turns the dabs on the nail to promote vapor production. I love ittttt ❤️ #heady #710 #thanksmoomz

Took a beautiful shot last Monday of Peridot (Swerve glass marble recycler) over the Hudson river in Jersey. #thanksmoomz #710 #vacation #tb

Happy 4/20 everybody #710 #420

New copper anodized piece. Calling it the flying dutchmen. Got this locally, couldnt get an artists name. Its american though. #420 #heady

On my way to lake george for 4/20 vacation. As tradition, i keep it candid only. #420

I accidentally took a quarter gram dab of #gorillaglue4 because i underestimated how much it was. Best mistake ever.
#710 #heady

Macro of the modded omnivap by @dynavap
Also its been a while since i posted a gif or boomerang or whatever.
#710 #stressrelief

Vertical macro shots on the new urinal nail. As a wise man once said, #pissindabs
#710 #macro #victony

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