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alyssa  no rain, no flowers.

happy mother's day to my sister woop (jokes happy mother's day mama) thank you for blessing me with your big eyes, i love you!! you're so beautiful and strong mama, thank you for being such an inspiration and thank you for being someone i can lean on. thank you for standing up for me and for staying with me through thick or thin, no matter how tough it gets. when it comes to you, i'll always be eternally grateful. 💞

the sturdy hand that'll guide me through life's journeys

"sixteen! i'm a grandmother"

my covers decided to stop hibernating and make an appearance again after quite a long time!! here's a lil bit of lana

you had me at 'aloe'

it's crazy how someone who was once a stranger; a complete foreign figure, could come in your life and become your main drive and your source of motivation and strength. 6 months of unconditional love, support and acceptance from you. wow. many more months ahead of us, i strongly believe. thank you for allowing me to finally open up to someone again after being shattered to bits and pieces before. thank you for taking those remains and piecing them back together. thank you for fixing me, and thank you for continuing to fix me more and more daily. i love you so so so much, and trust me, this paragraph barely shows just how much. there are so many things i feel when i'm around you, whether it's butterflies or whether my heart beats super fast out of excitement whenever i see you, words just do not suffice. here's to an adventure of a lifetime with you, love 🦄 (aye sneaky) happy half a year 💞

blues clues

when you look supremely happy on the outside but you actually just conquered 3 tests back to back and you're dying internally and you're emotionally and mentally flustered and o levels are in 6 months 🙃 also, 📸 by mi cutesicles @secondstodawn

you've got that thing that i've been looking for

i started truly listening to coldplay 7 years ago, when viva la vida was played in my classroom and it was on repeat. i thought "viva la vida" was the name of some spanish band, smh HAHA. ever since, i never stopped listening. coldplay's been there through times where i just want peace, and through times that are so so difficult. 'O' and 'Trouble' will forever be my go to songs when i just need to reflect or cry everything out. anyways, when Chris started playing Everglow i literally got chills I WAS SHIVERING HAHA, it was so so beautiful and then came the Muhammad Ali tribute. wow. if Coldplay is not an inspiration, then i don't know what else is, honestly.

wey hey from the duo

"sim sha sway?" "no alyssa! that's not how you pronounce it"

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