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alyssa  full of the joys of spring 🌴 01' ✈️ indo x sg

feathers from a thousand li away?

some kinda hair situation going on? πŸ¦„

been wearing this 'de rose spectrum' tee all day, it's supremely soft and comfortable i swear πŸ’― (i slept for a good 5 hours in this tee while i was on a road trip to KL) DeBlanc tees are a definite must-have, especially if you've got an eye for streetwear πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

this picture may be blurry as heck but our love remains crystal clear, happy 18th birthday mi amour! 3 months and we're still in this, we make a good indon team #tosdong

deruma πŸ•Š (side note: have a blessed CNY to all those celebrating) πŸ¦„

california dreamin'

guess you can call me a gold digger, for i crave your love; the love that only grows richer everyday.

mclovin' you

first week of sec 4 gave me really bad eyebags tbh


rain drop, drop top.. screw feeds i'm dunnnn

upclose and personal