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Calories Overload.  artisanal bread • top notch coffee • curated menu • refreshing drinks • desserts • vinyl • contemporary art #caloriesoverloadbegins Mon-Sun 7am-10pm

Sunday's rules : Sleep until you're hungry then EAT until you're SLEEPY , follow the rules to be happy : starter, main dish , coffee , and desserts ❤️❤️❤️ HAPPY SUNDAY PEEPS xoxo @caloriesoverload.palembang . 📍jalan rajawali no 1174A-B Palembang ( bawah sushi so )
#mushroomsoup #spaghettiaglioolio #fetucinicarbonara #caloriesoverloadbegins #caloriesoverloadpalembang

Happy Saturday!!! Put on a smile and get this cute bowl of 'wild mushroom soup' from @caloriesoverload.palembang , ENJOY YOUR DAY!!! xoxo #caloriesoverloadbegins #caloriesoverloadpalembang #mushroomsoup

Its Friday Finally!!! Makes today so awesome , yesterday gets jealous!!! Don't forget to try this 'Wild mushroom soup' by #caloriesoverloadpalembang .
📍jalan Rajawali no 1174A-B (bawah sushi so) Palembang .
#caloriesoverloadbegins #mushroomsoup

It's Monday and don't forget to be awesome!!! Grab this 'Rough Herbs-fries' to cheers your monday #caloriesoverloadbegins #frieslover #friesbeforeguys #fries #hellomonday

There's no WE in FRIES!!! Happy sunday peeps, have your brunch with us @caloriesoverload.palembang 📍 jalan rajawali no 1174A-B , Palembang
#caloriesoverloadbegins #fries #friesbeforeguys #frieslover

Hello Saturday!!! Remember guys, no diet on weekends. So lets Fries!!! Have you try our 'Parmesan Truffled-oil Fries?' #caloriesoverloadbegins #nodiet #fries

Be peaceful and Happy Vesak Day Once again #caloriesoverloadbegins #vesakday #vesak2017

Happy vesak day peeps #caloriesoverloadbegins #vesakday

Another public holiday!!! Make sure to enjoy this day , rest well and eat well too @caloriesoverload.palembang #caloriesoverloadbegins #vesakday

[NEW MENU] Caesar Salad with Crispy Chicken Bites, so which one should i eat first? The chickens or the croutons? #caloriesoverloadbegins

[NEW MENU] Caesar Salad with Crispy Chicken Bites. Many people eat salad dutifully because they feel it is good for them, but enlightened types eat is happily because its good #caloriesoverloadbegins

[NEW MENU] Is salad will always be so boring??? NOPE!!! Coz we have this delicious crispy chicken bites on top of this upcoming new salad menu from @caloriesoverload.palembang , stay tuned for part two and i guess the chicken is going to finished soon right before #caloriesoverloadbegins

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