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Calm  Calm is the 2017 iPhone App of the Year! We're here to help you cultivate a regular meditation practice, sleep better & feel happier. #DailyCalm 💙

Try this 3 times a week for 21 days and you can uplift your mood and naturally develop more positive habits. Learn why this works, and more happiness hacks in our latest Calm Masterclass, Discovering Happiness with Dr. Shawn Achor.

In celebration of National Relaxation Day, we came up with 20 Ways to Relax and worked with one of our favorite artists, @jessraephoenix, to put them all on a printable poster! We hope it inspires you to take time to recharge today (and every day). 20 Ways to Relax by Calm:
1. Drift off to dreamland with a Sleep Story
2. Meditate
3. Cuddle up with a book
4. Nap in a hammock
5. Stretch mindfully
6. Journal about about your feelings
7. Color or get crafty
8. Make your own herb garden
9. Walk in the woods
10. Light candles and take a bath
11. Sip tea
12. Float in water
13. Watch the sunset
14. Dance to your favorite song
15. Laugh with a friend
16. Ask for a hug
17. Make your exhales slightly longer than your inhales
18. Spray Sleep Mist on your pillow
19. Cook something yummy
20. Pet a cat
What would YOU add to our list!? 💙Click on the link in our profile to download the poster! Print and put it in the perfect place to remind you to take a break. #NationalRelaxationDay 🎨artwork by @jessraephoenix

Kindness. #DailyCalm

New Sleep Story! Tonight, drift off to the calming sounds of soothing jazz and historic riverboats as you journey across the famed Mississippi River. We recommend turning the sound on! 🎷

Try this for 21 days and you can amplify the joy in your life and improve your capacity to manage pain. This happiness hack is backed by scientific research done with the National MS Society. Learn more in our latest Calm Masterclass, Discovering Happiness with Dr. Shawn Achor.

Can you embrace the changes in your life? #DailyCalm

Try this for 21 days and according to a recent Harvard study, you can dramatically raise your happiness levels which can ripple out and increase the joy of those around you!

Check out our newest Calm Masterclass! Happiness expert Shawn Achor shares five simple daily habits that can transform your life and help you find joy today, regardless of your circumstances. We recommend turning the sound on. 😊🎧💙

Breathe. #DailyCalm

Can you allow yourself to be vulnerable? #YearOfCalm

In one word, how does it feel to be vulnerable? @brenebrown #DailyCalm

What part of your life needs your mindfulness practice? Share 3 ways that you can integrate your practice into this part of your life. #YearOfCalm

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