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Strrrrretch it out... and contract back 🔥 repeat! It's all about a good range of motion. One exercise from my back routine last night #jrnationals #motivation #fitness #fitgirl #5weeksout

Woke up this morning and felt like crap and just felt like I looked like complete crap for the first time this entire process. Just one of those days where you feel like all the hard work you've been doing is for nothing, just down on myself and down on dieting and training and prepping and everything. In the past I have let days like this run me off course, deviate me from the path, but not this time. I'm going to push through because I know tomorrow is a new day 🤔

Sooo here are a few update photos from over the weekend, I'm still prepping and training for Jr nationals we have just been too busy to stop and take pictures and videos other than these. I put on a few pounds back on since bayou muscle and am 111.2 lbs in this photo to get a more full look and not pull down too hard considering I still have 6 weeks left. This is honestly the longest I have ever dieted before in my entire life consistently. It truly has been SO easy at times I forget I'm prepping at all. Super excited to see what we can do with another 6 weeks! Could not do it without you @blake_cornett I am so grateful. AND for all you mean people commenting "you looked better before" etc FIRST PLEASE unfollow me then go off and learn to have respect for others who are challenging themselves and working for something greater no matter your personal preference. Oh and sorry for the 7 AM face lol #fitness #motivation #fitgirl #jrnationals

So many ways to describe best friend💗

Not the cutest video but this is what I actually look like training... weird faces, no makeup or fancy hair. Finally got some fluff off from that post show consumption, getting back in the swing of things getting ready for Chi town💪🏽💦 #Repost @blake_cornett with @repostapp
My fiancé @callyclarice is killing it!!! 7.5 more weeks before this little beauty turns pro I can feel it!!!! #ifbbprocallyclarice

@lilqueenybikini💎👙 This was after the burger, fries & a nap 😴🍔🍟

Bayou muscle 2017!

Waffles of champions 😋☕️🍳

Well I am very happy with how the show turned out last night. I won my division in bikini open which I am thrilled with considering the short amount of time I had been prepping and last minute decision to enter this show. Heading home with TWO first place division medals because Blake won his division as well! We are sooooo brunching it up this morning 🍳☕️🍩🍞

Well this is the final package as far as Bayou Muscle goes! First off this BIKINI stole the show, I literally could not have had a better one. Thank you so much @lilqueenybikini For my custom hand made suit. Pre judging is over and it was so nerve racking getting back up there! Still the same great experience as I remember it though, finals start tonight at six to find out how I placed!

Of course it cut half my head off 😑 but this is seriously the coolest machine my fav for any lower body day!

Keeping my eyes on the prize 👀🏆Training legs in @bombshellsportswear new navy thigh highs 🙌🏽

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