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Callum McGinley 

doing each other's makeup in the dark on Halloween challenge 📸 - @sarahclose

yes I am in a full room of tits 📸: @rvbberduck

WillNE’one ever love me?

proud of these two

I don’t have a worry in the world @ksi you got this.
2-0 let’s fkn gooooooo

KSI: Can’t lose is out today worldwide and wouldn’t have been possible without these two beautiful people. Please go and follow them. Plug.
@rvbberduck and @rvbberneck 😍

Lucky to know this guy ❤️

The support on yesterday’s show has been incredible. Nina thanks for being a babe and singing us out! ❤️

Finding it tough to get my head into making content that you guys will enjoy at the moment. My mindset flips from “this is a great idea” to “ugh that’s just shit don’t bother callum”, and the worst thing is, i know that i can upload some shit old video and it’ll get 400,000 views and you guys will love it. Because it’s all in my head. I feel like i’ll crack through that soon but for now i’m stuck in a perpetual limbo which is all formed within my own head. Not many people do the same job for 8-9 years when they are 17. It’s stressful, demanding and relentless. This job never stops, and it’s not healthy for your mind. You’ll find out in 5-10 years, when you see where the YouTubers you used to watch are in their lives.
Worrying about who really wants you to win and who really cares about you is another avenue that i’ll stay clear of this time around.
Anyway, the photo above is me watching the final version of something that’s coming out very soon.
Behind the scenes me and boys at @afterpartystudios have been working really hard on a couple of things. They’re almost done and hopefully you’ll love them.
Thanks for always supporting.

Callux tries... it didn’t go very well though... Sad this was the last one 😵

my 😍

well done callum, ruin the photo why don’t you.
still wanted to post because we went to the mayweather gym 😵😵😵

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